Disconnected reciever help!

I just bought a used diy board… I lost control of the vesc…so I opened the enclosure and saw that the reciever got disconnected and I’m not sure which way the plug should go in…any help would be appreciated!

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Black usually goes toward the left side in the photo; black on the outside.

Try each row until you find the one that works.

If that doesn’t work then try black on the right side and try each row.

Let us know what remote it is if none of that works.

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Also, tie cotton string around it (between the white and red wires, for example, and around the back of the receiver) to keep it from becoming unplugged again once you find the combination that works. You can also put a tiny dollop of your girlfriend’s nail polish directly on the knot in the string to keep it from untying under vibration.

Also that yellow XT60 there needs a cable tie around it, or it too will eventually vibrate loose and cause the board to turn off in the middle of a ride.

Putting shrink wrap around those bullet connectors helps as well.

Look through this thread and proactively do as much as possible to avoid these problems.

Stuffing foam into all the air-filled space is a good idea also.


looks like the nano remote Receiver, although i’m not sure if other remotes use the same box/receiver

edit : nevermind, the winning remote uses it too.

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