Direct drive or belt drive?

So i’m looking to make a 12s4p board for the summer and I was wondering if I should go with direct drive instead of the planned belt drive. I feel it looks a lot cleaner, and a lot simpler to assemble, as well as the hassle-free maintenance (compared to belts/pulleys/external motors for belt drive) My main goal with this board is speed

I was planning on using dual 6374 motors in a 16/36T pulley configuration.
I’m willing to pay the extra for direct drive and possibly go for 4wd cause why not.

Would you guys recommend going with 4wd direct drive from torqueboards or dual belt drive? What downsides are there to direct drive motors? What else should I know while making this decision?

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If you want speed go 12s4p with 18/36 pulleys. You will go so fast you can back in time and see yourself be born, I mean if your into that kind of thing.


Why not consider 4wd belts :smiley:


I know it’s not a popular opinion for theorists, but 4WD sucks balls. Carving is just weird and fast turns are almost impossible. I built one once, tried it 20 miles a day for 2 days, then went and tore it all down.


@janpom I read that and it doesn’t explain what i was hoping to find for information (original post @ bottom)

@mmaner ohoohohoho back when i was born - my favorite!

@pundahh 4wd VS 2wd won’t add much speed it mainly adds torque as the motors/gears are all the same and they only spin so fast regardless of how many you have


agreed, but you said your options were 4wd direct or dual belts— so why not 4 belts :smiley:

Can you elaborate on why? Just curious. I imagined that it would be more or less the same just with more power?

cause i need speed not torque lol

im tryna go out with speed, not a board slips from feet moment

also, 4 belt drives = 4 belts to replace (since im weird and like to replace all belts at once for simplicity sake) and thats also just a lot lot lot of maintenance. I have a boosted stealth right now (2 belt drives) and boosted support can barley keep up replacing with the bullshit motors they use

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joking. I just love the feeling of a LOT of speed. And if I have too much speed that I don’t use, so what - I just wont use the speed unless I’m feeling dangerous

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I thought the same as you but in practice its a totally different experience. Unless you need mad torque or travel in a straight line I wouldn’t recommend.

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the same concept should apply with 4wd directs too. 2wd direct should rate more-less same topspeed as 4wd direct— so why not 2wd direct then?

unless I’m mistaken, happy to be proven wrong.

EDITS: typos :stuck_out_tongue:


What about 4wd direct* drive? are the same downsides there? or is that mainly a belt drive issue?

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I would assume it’s the same, it’s all just turning a wheel without without traction control.

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okay. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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No worries. I’m not encouraging you to NOT do it, just trying to give you accurate expectations.

For me, I would bench the 4WD idea and use 200kv motors with either 18/36 or 20/40 gearing. Speed is more about gearing + voltage + motor potential than any 1 thing.

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I will probably go with the 18/36t gear configuration with dual belts. However im having trouble finding good 200kv motors. What would you recommend? My original parts list just used 190kv.


190kv’s are fine, you can PM @Psychotiller for 200kv 6369’s. These are the best motors I’ve ever run.



Everything past dual is just flexing your wallet muscles. The differences between dual and single are staggeringly beneficial. The differences between dual and quad are… well dissappointing really. twice the weight, uses additional power so reduced range, twice the cost and almost half the room you had before for your battery, so even less range.


Thank you :slight_smile: