Direct drive or belt drive?

no worries, happy to help.


Actually the theory supports your experience.
This is from a post I had made on the subject on the other forum.

I have no experience with 4wd esk8s but it sounds logical due to the weight transfer to the rear, the front wheels will un-weigh and lose traction.
Theoretically that should give understeer which many people find safer and more predictable to oversteer.

That is all in theory at least and I could be completely mistaken

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I’ve got a set of Carvon V3 s for sale that have too much speed if you’re interested

how fast and how much?

But the power! I feel like you can muscle through turns. … if you can keep traction on front wheels.

@taz try one. If feel neutered on 2wd. I guess I’m not very demanding on the precise feeling of turns. I’ve got my powertrain nailed. Now for finesse and handling work.

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My interests with 4wd came from racing. I finished the Barrett junction uphill race with moestooge in sight. There is no way I would have been with even earshot of that rig on 2wd.

I think since moving to the mainland, I’ve gotten progressively more aggressive in city traffic. My rides are much shorter now, but it’s nice to beat all cars off the line at lights. I need it now.


my 2 cents are that 4wd is absolutely awesome for offroad… especially if you like to slide and drift. and climb hills.

only experience is between 2wd and 4wd Bajas, but I love the 4wd so much i’m building a 4wd MBS Pro.


you can look into the TB direct drives
“pre-order” atm for june shipping

but great reviews so far!

Or eLofty direct drive :point_down: