DieBieMS v0.9 Batch 4

Hope every one is doing well.

I has been a while since my last batch. Will start a batch 4 gauge to see if people are still interested.

First time posting on esk8 news. If I am breaking any forum rules let me know… I will edit the post.

I have heard feedback from previous users for some misalignment of the IC placement. I still remember this and will make sure this batch to be improved.

Batch 4 interest

Quote for Batch 2 post

The deliverable are as followings:
1 x DiebieMS v0.9 (2oz PCB) assembled. (SD Card and RF module NOT mounted). Components I have stayed true to the original design including the expensive press fit terminals

5 red and 5 black x wire connectors (non-crimped) for battery and VESC 4x.
1x Male 16P connector
20 pcs non-crimped terminal for balance cables (some are spares)
1x Momentary switch
1x OLED 0.96 Display
4x single end male connector with cable (JST 1.25mm 5p, 10mm) (Display, switch, canbus)
1x single end male connector with cable (JST 2mm 4p, 10mm (VESC side can bus)
6x M5x14 spacer screws
1x 80A Fuse

Asking for 120USD/pc shipped to major cities around the world via Hong Kong Post with tracking Number. (~8-10 days) destination tax and duties not included. PM if interested, I will create PayPal invoices.
10USD/pcs goes to @JTAG as donation for the great design.

The new batch will start when I have received ~200 pcs interest. Would take around 4 wks to make. I am hoping by the time I get enough interest, shipping will resume and most of us will be able to do go out and do some e-skateboarding.

**** Remember to use CC/CV power supply with the BMS.

A quick instruction guide:

Some quick video for showing how to get things started. (Please excuse the quality, quite busy lately, kind of rushed it, will improve along the way)

Charging Test

Configuring packs



Damn, thanks @Sam !!! so many people have wanted this. So glad you can host this!

Also welcome to the better forum :grin:


would you ever make one for 13s?

Can we get an overview of DieBleMS features?
Some pics and wiring diagram.


Interested in 2x if you can make a 13s one!

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Good to see you here @Sam !

I’m still in the need of a half-living DieBieMS for my bench :grin:

You’ll find everything here :

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Signed up for 2

yesssss welcome Sam! Glad you took my advice! I’ll probs sign up for one even though i cant afford it lol


SUPER fuckin shooters!! I just signed up for 2 units

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The design takes 12s max . Will need quite a bit of layout modifications and firmware + software. I hope Danny will take it on in the future. If not, I will have to find quite a bit of spare time to try.


Yeah, posted late last night over here… forgot about them… let me add the photos and videos now.


4th Batch long awaited!

Is it me or does the PCB have less plugs than older versions? - Im kidding, wondering if it’s USB-C though :slight_smile:

(also whats the recomended HeatSink idea - if wanting to use for Charge/Discharge

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This one looks promising as a heatsink.



@Sam , how are we doing with this so far?

Just gonna put this here

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I bought mine from Sam in the batch 2. Still rocking it. No issues.

But everyone using diebiems beware, you must connect the balance terminal to the bms at very last. Otherwise you’ll blow off balance resistors and the FETs. I leaned it the hard way.


Good to mention it.
IMO, the very FIRST step is to put insulate tape (like kapton) on the board.
having a open wire laying down on the components will results in cries.

Learnt from other users experience, done it, and it saves me the DBMS a couple of times !

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why not v10.0?
Its on github, gebers and all.

Do you have a link ? Could only find the v0.9

think its in the dev branch, update is only a PFET to bypass the charger diode.
(opened the project in altium)

Read a thread somewhere that danny confirmed that the v10.0 was verified, can’t remember where tho.
Been thinking of sending for a few PCBs and soldering them myself