Did anybody successfully run a inrunner on a vesc?

As the title says, curious to know if anybody actually did an inrunner build with a vesc that works?
Got plenty of advice to “forget RC esc!” and “buy a vesc 6” but so far all I’ve seen are horror stories of erpm problems and overheating issues in regards to outrunners so I am very curious if anybody actually have some real life experience with this?

Posted this question on the old forum, cant hurt to ask here too :slight_smile:

@moestooge who is practically the fastest esk8er runs his boards on rc car esc and inrunners 800kv

in general though just go for the standard setup

Been there, done that :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanna hear dem inrunners screaaam bruh!!1


talk to stooge then who is the speedster out there
he runs super high kv inrunners with mad gearing

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Tried to run a 2400 Kv 4 pole one I never managed to, on FSESC 4.20 Mini it would spin, but run really weird, with the motor currents being reported negative and no control over it, it suddenly starts to increase the speed

On other hardware couldn’t manage to pass detection


@Andy87 how will you run your inrunners?


Thanks for your input! Much appreciated! :kissing_heart:


you can run most inrunners, vesc dsn’t like super high inductance tho.
you’ll need one with around 200kv, preferably less.

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Hw6 with encoder.

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It works


What kv and what vesc if i may ask? :slight_smile:

mine is 1700kv :open_mouth: here’s my evil plan to make it work though:

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that thing will suffer on 1% incline, good luck tho!


Could be, seems this did alright though and its 2500kv on 4s

My current motor is outrunner 380kv and its rated at 1820w, takes me up most hills (but im a light guy around 65kg i think :stuck_out_tongue:) and the inrunner im getting is 2800w, i admit im not great at math but to me it would seem doable… and thanks :slight_smile:

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well 380kv is a long way from 1700kv.

the power you see at low speed on 380kv will not be the same for the 1700kv.
given two identical motors with same copper mass and different kv. they will have the exact same performance just at different RPMs.


in theory you could run a very high KV motor but then you need a transmission with a very high reduction ratio as well. Vesc also have a somewhat limited ERPM 60k to 100k depending on the hardware. So for 1700KV I would say no you cant run that effectively with a Vesc.


Doesnt that depend on gearing though?

so gearing?

On the 4s build moe used 9/72 on 70mm, Im thinking 9/68 on 1700kv @ 6s would be equivalent but please correct me if im wrong this is my second build and I need all the help i could get :stuck_out_tongue:

if you are looking for an equivalent setup as your 380kv you want 4.5 times bigger ratio for the 1700kv motor.

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Aiming for slightly higher top speed and i presume with the added wattage slightly more torque

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def true

was calculating and you would need to go down to like 3s in order to achieve the 100k erpm