Defiant Board Society | who we are and what we're doing

Hello everyone! Defiant Board Society is a new esk8 company that will be bringing a urethane street board to market within the next few months. Over the last year, we’ve been ordering parts, doing prep work, doing assembly on components, and working with vendors and manufacturers to get what we need to build our boards. It’s been a real adventure and we’re very excited to say we’re very, very close to having the first several boards in our first batch of 100 complete. Over the next month or so we’ll be receiving the final components and will start assembly on the first few review and retail boards.

So what are we building exactly?
Here’s the summary specs to get started:

  • 12S5P Molicel p42a pack, segmented into p-group pairs, with smart BMS
  • Stormcore 60D
  • Davega for telemetry
  • Hoyt Puck remote
  • customized (raw metal finish and laser engraved) Maytech 6396 190KV motors with ventilation screens
  • Boardnamics designed 280mm hangars on adjustable baseplates with 36, 43, and 50 degree positions
  • hardened steel gear drives in a 2.22 ratio (60/27), also designed by Boardnamics
  • riptide bushings and cups (durometer is still TBD)
  • custom designed modular seven section segmented single stack enclosure, molded thermoset urethane
  • custom designed 46" 9ply maple deck with a 1" drop, ~32" stance width, 10 3/4" deck width, slight camber, subtle w-cave, and a lovely amount of flex. Very comfy to ride.
  • Zealous built-in bearings
  • Boa Constrictor 100mm wheels
  • 6 amp charger for approximately 3.5 hr charge time. It will be compatible up to 10 amps though, so feel free to bring your own.
  • laser cut grip, most likely MOB
  • top side graphics TBD
  • loaded top speed around 38-39mph
  • actual range of 38+ miles with a 160 pound rider doing 20+ mph the entire time
  • 34 pound carry weight

Feel free to follow defiantboardsociety on instagram and TikTok for even more info on the progress of the builds.

Some background
Back in August of '21 we reached out to @longhairedboy on instagram and started chatting. Over time those chats turned into texts which turned into emails which turned into weekly meetings which eventually turned into his house becoming full of parts and him working for us full time. At the moment his bench is full of batteries being assembled and he’s been putting miles and miles on the prototype to suss out all the issues it might have. So yes, @longhairedboy is in fact building these boards. If you or someone you know was waiting for him to start building boards again, these are it.

Enough! just show us the board
This is the current state of the prototype. Yes its dirty, it’s being ridden a lot every day.

things we’re still working on

  • hopefully we have a deck manufacturer now and won’t have to keep working on that. That’s been real fun, let me tell you.
  • minor wire management details, for example that davega wire needs something.
  • easily replacable charge port fuse module, easily made in house. Pretty sure we know what we’re going to do here.
  • packaging. We need a nice box, and the sample trucks and gear drives just got here so we only now have accurate measurements of the production board.
  • what the warranty will look like since we want to let people do mods and exercise right to repair.
  • our website / storefront is still in progress, but it will be at

ideas on the table for the future (mods / upgrades)

  • make as many of our custom parts as possible available to the DIY community for purchase, including decks/enclosures
  • abec compatible wheel gear assembly, direct replacement for the kegel core one we have on there now
  • 150-200mm street oriented pneumatics and hubs with matching drive components, preferably with a little stretch on the tires
  • double stack enclosure to go with the above item
  • alternate remotes with telemetry for people that hate the puck/davega combo we went with because not having signal interference is more important than not having glare on your screen
  • integration with some kind of social ride/telemetry system, been talking to freesk8 about this already

Thanks! We’ll post updates when we can. Or we might just make @longhairedboy do it. Obviously questions or comments are welcome.


This looks really awesome :metal:


Hell yeah.


Sick! I really liked the prototype you had at Carve PDX! I wanna see some close-ups of your enclosures! Can you bend them with your hands?


Siiick those hubs would benefit everyone who wants to do mainly street builds. Is this the modern day Boosted :thinking:

they’re about as flexible as it gets. Very literally modular, its actually three separate pieces we had to mold. The individual segments are pretty stiff and very tough, but they link together in a way that lets them twist and flex when all together.

but without the excessive over-engineering in weird places lol


That deck looks amazing.

Any chance to set it next to a demonseed 42.for a size reference?


Do you mean boardnamics 270mm or are they actually 280mm? Also, are those adjustables custom? They seem a bit different than the ones i have.


Looks awesome! On the bushing front, my totally unqualified opinion is to give buyers a few options for bushing duro. As a lighter rider I almost always have to purchase bushing separately.

Any idea on a price range?

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With all the options, why BOA wheels?


Because damon.


Excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing this board come to life and the reviews.

Which BMS are you using?

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I just realized you and @DuckBatterySystems share acronyms haha.


Do you think you’re sacrificing a tiny bit of performance with white wheels instead of red ones?


I heard they also share underwear.


What’s the target audience and price point of these boards? Will these be in the boutique level like Bioboards or Hoyt?

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Looks Awesome …maybe a external heatsink for the stormcore ?

Great job guys.

Look forward to see the first happy customer :v:

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I love that capybara
How much are you going to sell them ?

They are actually 280mm, not 270. Custom length, custom angles (36,43,50 degrees), and custom bevels on the hangers to allow for the 6396 sized motors to be outboard while staying tightly near the hanger.

As requested:

We’re in the process of determining which duro to use at the moment, but this first round we won’t be able to offer multiple options on things for cost reasons. Fortunately it’s easy enough to swap them out later if so desired. In the future options on things like bushings, wheel core type/alternate wheels, and remotes will be available. We just have to get through this first round first.

most likely right around $3k


xiaoxiang smart BMS. Still debating on how locked down to make them. Will likely ship with a PIN set.

With this gearing and motor size we had to or the boards would be too fast for most people.

We’re deliberately targeting the “just above evolve” but “just under the usual boutiques” with a $3K price point, and performance wise it should be compelling at that price.

at the moment it’s floating with an air gap surrounding the sink. FET temps seem ok, but it wouldn’t be that difficult to add a sink. However the orientation of the ESC isn’t the usual “phase leads pointed back”, its actually sideways and offset due the BMS, so there would be a bit of design work for it to work right and still look right from the outside. If it becomes an issue we’ll definitely go there.

Thank you! and thanks for not thinking its a dog, that seems to happen a lot.