Deck Suggestions

I’ve clocked several hundred miles using a cardboard box and quarter roll of duct tape, its not pretty but it works

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haha you should see the velcro on my old build, im going to look into the kydex

It is an awesome option.

This is my brothers board its actually a deck I linked above.

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i mean i guess its a temporary solution, as for the decks im looking at them right know and i really like them. Are most of their decks flat or do they have concave?

They do have concave, a good amount of it too.

Ive done kydex before and just make sure you dont get too thick of kydex.

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What electronics are you using?

Like what VESC and what battery size?

mboards 10s3p, flipsky 4.20 dual vesc

I’m looooving the feel of this deck. It holds the feet so well.


it looks kind of cheap? ill look into it though. ur dog is cute asf


@J0ker rocks one as well. I took his advice and don’t regret it.

Haha thank you. My other dog is better looking

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I actually use this deck as a cruiser/downhill dick around board and its stable and durable.

It holds your feet in well and you can always get a good stance on it.

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hmm well if both of u like it i think ill try it but ima try to find a way to take off the graphic

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Agreed :face_vomiting: I’m currently in the same boat. Thinking of doing a gold foil on the bottom.

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Use vinyl wrap or automotive spray paint.

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I have that enclosure on one of those decks, in fact. Yes, as stated, there are better options, but it fits well enough. Just use large washers after you drill it out to reduce chances of cracking.

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ok good to hear, i think im going to go with the deck they said above and then stick with the enclsoure i had but buy some washers so it dosent crack. thanks for ur input

what is that blue plate you have above your trucks?

You can use a metal bar similar to this and drill holes to prevent any cracking.

I think @Saturn_Corp did something like this

hmm that looks interesting so he did that around the whole thing that way it is held together as one?