Deck Suggestions

Hello everyone, im looking for a board between 35 and 40 in around the 60 price range. Ive been looking at the boards on skate shred and they have some good options but i was wondering if anyone on here has a used one they would be willing to sell. Thanks!

It’s a sweet spot in terms of shape and feedback on a budget deck.


awesome, thats the exact deck i was looking at so its good to get that recommended

another thing i was wondering about it is that if it has a W concave will it still be able to be mounted on with this enclosure

I think there are better options for enclosures.

of course! but for my budget 30 is about as much as i can spend, what are some enclosures u recommend maybe i could take a look and see what i think

I would stay away from diye stuff. They have a proven track record of bad quality!

For an enclosure you may be able to find a used one within your budget, ask in the wanted parts thread!

Or hit up @BigBen, probably some of the best enclosures for the best prices too


Ah my bad. I was looking at psychotillers enclosures and that’s around 60 bucks.

Also it’s well regarded in the community.

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oh ya ive looked at those, he has a nice one around 40 but its been outta stock for a while im going to continue to keep my eye out though

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I wouldn’t buy anything from DIYE.

Any enclosure that’s ABS can be formed to the shape/concave of the deck with a heat gun if you’re careful. I wouldn’t buy an enclosure if you don’t know what material it’s made from. Common choices are ABS, fiberglass, Kydex, carbon fiber, various 3D printing filaments, wood, sheet metal, and acrylic. Some of those are much better choices than others.


When @whaddys gets his psychotiller enclosure he might sell you his tb one for a good price.
Post in the “wtb cheap” thread. Lots of us have spare crap we’re not gonna use.


One person’s spare stuff is the exact thing another person is looking for…


awesome to hear, ill do that right know


These make great E Board decks.

I have 3 builds on them so far with various friends and none have complained.


thanks ill look into it

PM @Psychotiller, he can likely make the one you want pretty fast.

but i dont have 100 to spend is the issue, if i had the money im sure his enclosures would be the way to go

You can buy a sheet of kydex for like $20 on amazon I think, get a block of wood and toss it in the oven

Sounds like the ducktape enclouser might be the best route for you.

Or get creative with boxes.

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haha ok im going to keep doing research