Davega problems or questions

The DAVEga is reading the data from your VESC. It just displays whatever battery voltage the VESC reports. Some flickering is normal. The VESC is not the most accurate device for measuring your battery voltage.


that´s the reason.


With a tolarance of -/+ 0.6V

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Ya flipsky escs are really bad with voltage readings. Would cause everything running off the ESC for readings to be inaccurate… messes with the battery cutoff too. I wound up just buying cheap lipo guards as meters

Is it possible to configure the digits? In example, instead of showing voltages from 48.70 to 48.79, showing simply 48.7

Sure would be cool if it would be able to read the voltage straight from the BMS… Maybe a feature for DieBieMS users? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want an excuse to pick one of these up anyways


It’s on my TODO list for the new davega. That will give you individual cell voltages as well.


There’s no config option for it but it’s easy to change in the code. If you’re using the horizontal screen, you need to change the code here.

The third argument of dstostrf is the number of decimal places. For example, it’s 2 decimal places in

dtostrf(data->voltage / _config->battery_cells, 4, 2, fmt);

For one decimal place, change it to

dtostrf(data->voltage / _config->battery_cells, 4, 1, fmt);
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@janpom I have a new problem I just found out about. I was rolling with friends yesterday. Davega was telling me I was rolling at 40kmh…radar on the track warned me I was actually rolling at 57kmh. Friends confirmed it with their metr apps. What am I missing here?

Maybe wrong wheel diameter or gearing in the settings?


@Andy87 Can I plug it to the computer via the same uart cable I use for the esc? I can no longer remove it from the casing (I waterproofed it)

Usually the programming port is different from the uart port, but I think @janpom had a way to get access via the uart port, just don’t remember if than non the less something needed to be wired different.

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And what Andy says regarding the speed being off. Check wheel size, gearing and motor poles config. If you can’t find a mistake you can just multiple wheel size by the correcting coefficient. E.g. if you want it to show 57 kph when it shows 40 kph, multiply the wheel size by 1.425 (57/40).

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Any wires need to be flipped or can I just plug the USB dongle you provided directly to the cable? (I’m not home so I dont remember what the pinouts were)

That won’t work. They have a different pitch. You could make an adapter. Then your computer can communicate with the davega over UART. Note that for updating the FW you also need the DTR pin, which is not on the VESC connector. That one is used for resetting the davega right before the FW update starts. Maybe if you power it on at the right moment when updating the FW it will work but getting the timing right will be very tricky. This video demonstrates the idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JddDrlU-qw.

This is relevant:

I’m afraid you’ll be best off opening your waterproofed enclosure if you want to update the FW.

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@janpom is changing values of wheel size considered a fw update?

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Opened up the waterproof

@janpom Is there a way to read my settings? When I open up my arduino ide, i get the defaults you set up at the beginning

Yes. For the old davega there’s no other way to change settings.

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It’s not possible. You should keep the config file on your computer.

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Dammit…well time to reprogram it I guess.