Davega problems or questions

Can someone tell me what the heck?
Maybe @SeanHacker?

Just curious but do you have a multimeter handy? Probing around and seeing where the voltage fluctuation starts might be a helpful troubleshooting step

I can’t check for now. My multimeter is dead(forgot outside in the rain):man_facepalming:


Judging by your youtube feed you are planning an emtb?

@Dareno It’s my trampa build :slight_smile:

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oof haha that sucks - I got mine on Amazon for 25 bucks, works pretty well. The price has come down over the years

@ShutterShock Got mine for 20 at Canadian tire :crazy_face:
But I’m short on cash to go get another one atm

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I know it’s not a battery issue.

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Interesting, I wonder if it’s some sort of internal connection problem

note to self

must keep up

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I might have my multimeter working. Where do I probe? Dual flipsky6.6

This has always happened for me. Not only with DAVegas, but with metr modules, and other uart devices. Yours looks to be a little more jumpy than what I’m used to seeing though. Is your pack balanced very well? I know @rpasichnyk integrated “smooth voltage” to combat this with his app. Maybe the same can be done with DAVega? @janpom? This hasn’t really bothered me much as it’s all within .4.

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The one spot I was thinking of would be the power input to the davega. Pos and negative

@ShutterShock it’s a perfect 5v

@SeanHacker they’re not perfectly balanced (yet) but very close

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I can’t remember if the vesc_tool jumps like this when checking out real-time data on it. I’ll check later if I can get the time. But it might just be the case.

Okay is that something that can be fixed? I want it for 2 single reasons. Battery status on the fly and speed. Also, I use ack

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Not sure. I did @ the two guys who would know what’s up though. We’ll see what they say. :wink:

Literally the only two I care about when out riding.

I do too on one of my builds.

The davega is randomly detecting wrong avg cells?

Oh duh I had the wrong idea for how it was sensing voltage. I know it’s out there but is there any chance your battery voltage fluctuates?

Not a single chance

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