Custom MTB Build USA

MBS Comp 95 Birds deck
Holes drilled. Threaded inserts, inserted. All fine proper.
$80 (USD)

MBS F5 Bindings [SOLD]

Random Electrical knobs and switches and lighting

Everything chrome trim latest real nicec lol[[6 white, get dimmer knob, and fancy push button light switch with an LED in the switch so you can see it in the dark.


Meant for a different project entirely, but I thought they might be able to be repurposed for our needs. Other project is still underway, so I don’t want to sell all of them, but I can definitely put ways with a few of each.

Custom 12S5P Battery
12S5P battery custom built by @A13XR3
Battery has not had a single cycle run on it yet. Was hooked up for a brief time, like 1 minute. Other than that it’s been stored in my near constant 18⁰C shop.

It’s built with 21700 Molicel P42A cells and it has 150A continuous discharge, 21Ah or 907Wh of capacity.
The dimensions of the pack are 8"x5"x2.75", this allowa it to fit perfectly inside of a Pelican 1150 case.

Here is a link to Alex’s post detailing his battery building.

$400 for everything, shipping included

Connectors of various colors, rubber isolated standoffs, wat²erproof cable glands, etc

Custom black DBS connectors SOLD

Trampa Gummies Tires

Summate wheels, evolve 6"tires

Flipsky MTB Truck Kit w/Motors

Includes 2 6384 motors, 2 spare tubes, tires, wheels, trucks, pulleys. 8'' Pneumatic All Terrain Tire Kit with 11'' truck and two battle hard – FLIPSKY



So… is this a complete mountainboard for sale, a complete mountainboard being parted out, or just a few used part for sale?




In before x.

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How much for all the black connectors?



That’s my line.


Everything in the pictures is for sale I specifically priced a few of the main items

What are the electronics taped to the ESC enclosure?

you should switch the category then. This is a “esk8 parts market - used parts for sale” not a “esk8 parts market - completes for sale”

$270 aint bad for that kit

I’ll take those bindings sir

Flipsky remote receiver, and maker X Bluetooth module. They’re velcro’d on.

Will sell as a complete, or part out…

This looks so similar to my build haha

What kv are the motors?

How much for the remote and receiver? It’s a Flipsky VX1 right? Looks like a different plastic texture than I’ve normally seen


Was I too late for the bindings?

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Bindings sold.