CUSHOTHANE Polyurethane wheels

In my continuing quest to find some 6.5x2.5 or 7x2.5 pneumatic tires, I came across Cushothane. Looks like a proprietary polyurethane with outer diameter up to 8.5 inches.

Would a 7 inch outer diameter polyurethane wheel be practical for Esk8? Might make for one very interesting street rider - maybe off road if it’s more groomed / grass covered?


Looks like they’re made for high load conditions, at 95a I imagine on a board that would be like riding on wooden wheels?


Trampa Gummies original inspiration?


Large format resin printed mold then cast the wheels yourself. I keep thinking about single use molds and having the core interlocking with the tread.

RipTide Sports Pneumatic / Composite tire project