Critique my wiring plan

I’m rebuilding the guts of an original Nazare into an idea double stack enclosure. So just to double check before I go soldering everything together, am I missing anything obvious?

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Other than a fuse on the charger negative looks correct.

Personally I would take the packs on the bottom of the photo and alternate them so my wires didn’t go straight and diagonally because i can never get them to look good with the slack needed to provide flexibility. Aesthetically i like how a u shape provides slack to keep strain off of the joints vs adding a little s bend like is needed between fixed points on a straight line. But thats just me

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A fuse :person_facepalming: I knew I was forgetting something!

That’s a good tip about the layout too!


Just a heads up, that enclosure will stiffen up the nazare deck to the point that it will basically have zero flex. This might be a good thing depending on what you want (if you dislike flex).

I did something similar with a backfire ranger deck a few years ago and ended up chopping the enclosure into segments to restore flex.


This is actually a new build, using the idea deck and trucks. I took my original 12s nazare and swapped in the electronics of a supersport from someone parting one. So this project is just reusing the originals in a new form factor. I will miss the flex though. between the enclosure and the thicc deck, I’m going to have nothing


One last nitpick - you don’t need an xt90 for the bms - an xt60 or xt30 would work just fine and make it so an idiot like me couldn’t get the connectors mixed up for the vesc. You can keep the wires for the charging small and easy to manage that way too 16 or even 18 gauge if you charge under 10a.

My 18s8p battery gets thermally throttled by my bms at over 8a because I don’t have much air space or heat sinking on it and still charges pretty fast imho

Looking forward to the progress pics :grin:

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Yeahh… I debated that one a bit. Honestly I just figured I’d use that because I have a half dozen laying around, and I’d have to go out and buy anything smaller. Space I’m not too worried about since I’ll have at least half an inch across the majority of the enclosure.

I fully expect myself to pull some smooth brain mistake like plugging the wrong connector in, since they’re both xt90s, so my plan is to paint or shrink wrap one of them on both sides a different color.

XT90 also take up a lot of space. You often don’t realize how much at first, until you start trying to close the enclosure.

Make sure you put a cable tie around them or tie them together with twine so they can’t vibrate apart inside there. You’d be surprised what can happen.

Well I just realized I need to order a fuse anyway, so I’ll order an xt30 as well. I’m sure it’ll save some headache later

Might as well get ten pair on AliExpress

I subscribe to this now for sure, had a MT60 wiggle loose at the front on the 4WD… that hurt a lot.

Thought of your advice fairly promptly followed suit. Never again.


I only suggest it because of experience. You think XT90 fit together so snugly there is no way they can vibrate apart. Wrong. :sleepy:

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Finally got some time to get back working on this and got the the P groups soldered together. Kind of looks like shit… but seems to be solid joints. You can’t tell from this, but I used to work at a job I would solder 4-5 hours a day, although much, much smaller wires.

I thought I could make the bottom groups look better with S bends than arcs. I was wrong. But it’s not bad enough to make me want to redo it

I also found a local place that does cerakote, So I think I’m going to get the trucks/brackets done in burnt bronze as well

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Double checking BMS placement and clearance

Neoprene gasket added

Triple checking final placement before sticking the BMS down

… And the notch for the bracket isnt deep enough

That’s a problem for another day. At the moment everything is powering up properly, P groups are all reading right, Looks like I’m on the final stretch now

Land-surf is clearancing all their 50mm wide hubs as well, so the last part of this will be swapping the rockstars for black RS-1s when they come in

Now if it would just just stop snowing so I can get a proper ride in…


Alan made shallower cutouts because the 20mm deep brackets are thinner (8mm) , so when using other brackets, the cutouts need to be deepened slightly

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easier to deepen cutouts than to undeepen them


This thing feels tiny coming from my nazare. Not sure if I love it or hate it though

The RS-1s really bring it together. I love rockstars for being cheap and durable, but they’re just a bit boring