Creating Manufacturing Standards [SERIOUS]

yeah 22mm is close to what Fatboys are and the kahuas that came with the haggy kit were way fatter than that.


I just wish they had AS xt60 so we could not wonder which to use.


Maybe it’s because I’m new to the scene but having some sort of mounting standard/profile I feel might aid in ease of designing new mounts and such. Although I guess it could stifle things on the truck side of things.

Wading through the slew of different incompatibilities was, and still is, a lot to sort through as a new person. Any effort/collaboration toward some standard would be extremely helpful when starting out. Even if it is just on the low end of things and then when more money starts to get spent is where we get to the experimental stuff.


I’m glad you brought that up, I was going to delve into it, but held back.

It just goes to show that there are different standards at play here, and one-size-fits-all doesn’t really work for a variety of reasons.


Yeah I feel like it’s important to note that sometimes it’s not possible because other factors are more important. It’s one of those things where I feel like we should strive to achieve some progression in this but also achnowledge that it’s not always gonna be possible.


profile message checks out


IMO one of the problems with standards is that they often won’t catch on unless they are compatible with legacy hardware.

Personally If i could make a standard for all esk8 going forward I’d standardise every single thing to metric.
No 5/8th inch nuts on 12mm shafts.
No 2.5" by 1.625" new school truck mountings.

But practically I know these things would never catch on due to the amount of legacy hardware already in circulation. This means that unless you have buy in from a number of leading manufacturers it hard to make real change towards standards. And that change is often costly for everyone involved.


Absolutely. And when we have players like MBS who are bridging the gap between analog and electric, while also trying to provide an affordable product and being very conscious of the needs of both markets, i think these efforts should be applauded.

Not shitting in anyone’s weetbix, but if 22x22 WAS the standard, it would give people reason to complain that the matrix iii didn’t fit the standard and therefore wasn’t suitable for use, when in fact it would tick a lot of other boxes.

I’m just using this as an example to a situation. This community is already bitchy enough as it is, without giving people more reason to complain about things not meeting a ‘standard’


people will literally complain about anything though. we have to continue to innovate because it’s better for the entire industry, not avoid it because people will complain


honestly, i’m just thrilled to death how we’ve managed to hold on to the kegel hole pattern as a standard.

also thrilled that we’ve got some solid standards for batteries, albeit multiples for multiple types.


M5 with 5/10mm spacing makes sense to me. :man_technologist:


Oh man. Just thinking of decks and trucks with M5 in 40mm X 60mm bolt pattern gives me a chub.

Could tile them down the deck tip at 20mm spacing :eggplant:


Hmmm maybe MBS and trampa will redesign their entire product lines to appease my OCD.


Im going to read this more when im done working, but, id like to say that standardized hanger profiles would only benefit us. More mounts would work with more trucks. And if someone wanted to make fancy shaped hangers, and wanted to electrify them, theyd make mounts too.


Things usually fall into 2 categories.
1.Things that are boring and changing them changes lot of other things along the pipeline: truck mounting patterns, motor mounting patterns, phase connectors, axles and bearings, wheel cores, truck arm shape, shape and diameter of motors. Those should have 2, max 3 standards similar to how we see in AC plugs, USB plugs etc. They fit ~80% of the boards, don’t change much in design, and makes part buying and matching easier for basic mechanics of the board while leaving plenty of room for improvisation. The rest of the ~20% most of the time are already running custom solutions to meet their specific needs (larger bullet connectors, larger axles etc).

To elaborate: Truck mounting patters should’ve been standardized long time ago (old school for long boards, one of those 6paterns for mntnboards) I don’t get why we still have to produce trucks and decks with 8 holes. MR60 does the job for more than half of the DIY boards (though 4mm bullets are still widely used). XT90-s is pretty much standard for battery connector, we have 2 bearing standards already. JST-PH 2mm should’ve been standard for esc’s long time ago and we still get ones with smaller connectors on the motors. Kegel and ABEC cores are pretty much standard now that you can order from wheel manufacturers. These are just to name a few, yes there are occasions when you need smaller or bigger connections but those would fall into that ~20% gap.

2.Game and visual aspect changing things. That is deck shape, case shape, light fittings, powering of the lights, wheel sizes, wheel contact patch width, phase wire connectors, motor mount shape and mounting solution, mntnboard hubs and pulleys both sizes shapes and withs, ESC shape and size, cooling plate shape and size, case sealing compounds.

To elaborate: these are the things that often get changed to suit the owners needs without heavily impacting rest of the assembly process. They can also be easily integrated in any other solution (cooling plate in a blank case shape, connector in blank case, any custom hub shape needs special pulley anyway)

There is always room for improvement on the things, but they usually are made because previous solution couldn’t handle the current, the power, the weight, the speed of the driver. Over the years we already have pretty much come with couple of standards already and those things that need improving are being improved. What we should iron out are the parts that are specifically made different to cash in on vendor lock in (common example being china wheels having their own ABEC style core and mounting patterns)


Standardised truck mounting profiles and wheel mounting diameters will be beneficial for the scene. Personally I like the 21.9x21.9mm profile for the hanger (22x22mm nominal) and 71.5 or 80.3mm PCD for wheels.

Having a bunch of differently sized square profile hangers is still better than having an odd shape like Hypertrucks and Matrix 2s with no models/drawings of where the motor mounts sit… :nauseated_face:

With a bit of research a designer can find whats popular and try and make their products compatible with existing hardware if they wish to do so.


Hypertruck is the least compatible and purposely difficult component in all of esk8. It feels like it was specifically engineered to be impossible to make any compatible parts


If we worried about that nobody would ever make anything.

As I said earlier I’m not advocating for everyone to follow some strict standards here and I talked about MBS matrix 3 as an example as to why not all trucks should follow a standard (I think it’s a good example). I’m saying if we can get some of us that are making parts to agree to try to follow a standard then it makes a huge difference to parts interoperability around the world.


…or at least too costly to make it worthwhile.

Wanna gear drive? Buy our Falcon or stick with belts.

I’d do the same in Alex’s position.

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LOL at the irony