Creating Manufacturing Standards [SERIOUS]


Oh really? I dont have much experience with street boards tbh, sounds good though. its chonky enough for an eMTB to have no issues with weakness.


+1 definitely not haahah :joy:


Me: the biggest pack you can fit in there is 4p

Customer: so any chance you can fit 15p in there?

On the topic of standardisation tho, i think that striving to achieve any type of standard may dilute the desire/motivation for designers to improvise and make new and exciting options.

I’m not sure esk8 is ready for standards.

@RipTideSports what parts in particular are you thinking should be standardised? I feel for something to become the standard it should be unanimously decided that it is in fact the absolute best way to do something.

We can see in the matrix iii discussion the desire for the 22x22 square profile of the hanger, but this does not meet the strength requirements for @MBS

I like the idea of standardisation for ease of use, but I hate the idea that we might stifle development with such practices in place.


I think connectors should be the first thing to be standardized if we’re actually going to do that.

We’re super lucky that acoustic longboarding has given us a pretty good standard for truck mounting and bearing sizes (still 3 different axle sizes and 2 main bearing ODs)

Standardizing truck profiles would be great, but only if selling seperate baseplates and hangars becomes more commonplace so people can mix and match using the system of standards. Having all of TKP, RKP, DKP, PKP and NKP trucks makes this both easier and more difficult.

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minimum useable axle length be 50mm or longer, no exception

that should and can be standardised

e: im still salty about the makerx truck


I don’t quite get what you mean. Are you saying you want to be able to mix and match so you could for example put a nkp hanger on a pkp baseplate?

I disagree with this. However I can get on board with the idea that axles should be removable/replaceable. Then if somebody believes that a manufacturer provided axle is too small for their needs, they can make their own goddamn axle.


actually yes, default minimum to 50mm, and also replaceable


When it comes to connectors, I really appreciate most motors and ESCs shipping with 4mm bullets. They’re very easy to solder and unsolder, and good for up to 70A (for an FOC sine wave, that’s 100A peak!)

Just wanted to get that out of the way before someone suggests MR60s or something, lol. Not opposed to group-funding a custom connector though, as long as the bullets are just as big :slight_smile:


I used to feel this way until I started getting VESCs with MT60 connectors and using my own MR60 and MT60 connectors… it’s just so much easier to unplug and re-plug stuff and not have to worry about mixing up the wires. means you don’t have to troubleshoot or re-setup motors when you want to take the powertrain off for maintenance on the deck or enclosure

I use colored heatshrink / tape on mine to remember the order :wink:


To clarify that slightly, it does not meet the strength requirements for MBS because of the materials they have chosen to make their trucks from. This is likely driven by a cost constraint. I only mention that as I think it’s important to note. We do need options for all budgets.

I think esk8 is ready for standardisation, but not all companies have to follow any sort of standardisation. If even a few do it makes life a lot easier for a lot of people. It will be driven in the end by the desire for mfg to limit the number of different mounts/adaptors/whatever that need to be stocked and provided to meet the growing number of options.

If we take drives onto eMTB trucks as an example we have

22mm x 22mm
19.5mm x 19.5mm
MBS Matrix 2
Whatever SAS have decided to do this week
Soon to be Matrix 3 22.5 x 22.5

Is this good or bad? I honestly don’t know.


not quite, but if things are completely standardized we’d have to lose some truck styles.

alternatively, we could have all 5 truck standards, which is still better than all the sizing differences and angle/profile differences we have now.

just some perspective.

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I agree with this

While some thing are simply and can be done easily, such as 22 x 22 mm truck pattern, even maintaining compatibility between your own stuff sometimes is already hard, means throwing a lot of stuff on the garbage or allowing it to be a process that will take a long time until it’s fully interchangeable

I get that 99% of the stuff we do (Lacroix) is not DIY friendly and not even made with that in mind, but just my two cents


I respectfully disagree….
A standard would just be there for a manufacturer to follow if they wanted to market their product to a certain audience. They would still be free to develop any different style truck they could think of.

As you mentioned, multiple standards can be set up too.



I agree with your disagreement, it would never happen. I was meaning “completely standardised” as there being one singular universal standard set that everything was made to adhere to.

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And then people who didn’t fit that audience would have even more of a reason to throw a hissy fit and say ‘bUt ThAt’S nOt sUiTaBlE fOr eSk8’

I dunno. I’m just not really down with the idea.

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I feel that standards actually create a desire to innovate. A forward-thinking company will feel that because there is a standard, because many companies have released products built to that standard, that there is an opportunity to stand out, to create something different.

They will be inspired to create a new product. LOL…perhaps even leading to a new standard! :joy:


I can’t like this post enough. I love xkcd.