CoViX2 - A Flipsky VX2 Mod

It’s shitposting time again for me

Introducing the Covix2 - An exclusive mod, inspired by DIY, driven by quarantine.

This is a printable shell for the Flipsky VX2 remote. Changes include:

  1. “Armored” shell - With an average thickness of 3.3mm, increased from 2.5mm of the original shell, better strength against impact. M3 and M4 thru bolts will be used to add structural integrity

  2. Better ergonomics - the chin has been completely removed, allowing for a much wider range of grip, people with small hands may find the original unwieldy, this is mostly due to the distance between the chin hook and wheel. Version with finger loop hole available.

  3. Adjustable display angle - Anyone finding the original display odd to look at during use, now can flip the display up for better visibility.

  4. Modified for easy print - Made to print with little to no support. Main shells can be done completely unsupported, display module needs minimal, resulting in much better finish quality, especially in PLA.

  5. All original parts is retrofitted into the shell, including buttons and wheel - However, a mod version will also upgrade to a printed wheel with a steel spindle resting on 2 ball bearings - extremely smooth.

  6. Many colors to print from - Fully customizable mix, left/right shell can be mix/matched in colors.

All files are in next post. For any other combination of “add-ons” not listed, shoot a PM and I’ll create it.

Potential mod: A trigger conversion.

Thanks to @BigBen for the original models that was used as reference.


Print instructions:

  1. Shells print inside face up. No support needed for shells except gopro mount version. The mount on left shell has floating parts.
  2. Screen print same way, should look like a little pot. the screen pieces need support because the hinge is floating.
  3. Re-calibrate remote after mod. Everything should line up exactly the same way, but better safe than sorry.
  4. Suggested settings for high strength:

PLA/Petg: no scaling needed
ABS: Scale up X and Y by 0.5% for shrinkage.

For 0.4mm nozzle
*0.08-0.12mm layer height
*4-6 solid layers top and bottom, more for thinner layers
*Outer shell 3 solid layers
*Infill 50-75%
Temps and other settings depends on your printer. You know what you’re doing.

STL files:

Screen part:

1.1 Clam/glue together shell, does not need glue, the M4 pivot will hold this together, least protective but most minimal.

1.2 Includes a M3 thru bolt hole for extra structural integrity.

Screen shield/Sun shade: M4 all the way through. Prints sitting up. May or may not need support for you.

Shell part:

Version 1.x - Uses all stock hardware, re-use internal screws. M3 flat heads + nut are used on the shell, M4 bolt + nut for shell/screen assembly. Use whatever bolt you wish.

Version 2.x - Uses 4mm axle with MR74 bearing.

Shell 3.x - Finger loop.

Shell x.2 - Limited display angle due to cable bind.


Reshaped texture. More aggressive indexing, helps with grip and feedback through gloves.
Version 1 for standard mod, version 2 for ball bearing mod.

Add 0.3 to filename for intergrated go-pro mount. Use bolt/nut (M5) from any go-pro mount accessory.

ScreenL1.1.STL (77.3 KB) ScreenR1.1.STL (78.8 KB)
ScreenL1.2.STL (151.3 KB) ScreenR1.2.STL (152.0 KB)
ScreenShield1.1.STL (100.0 KB)
ShellL1.2.STL (832.4 KB)
ShellR1.2.STL (459.2 KB)
ShellL1.5.STL (855.8 KB)
ShellR1.5.STL (456.1 KB)
ShellL2.2.STL (832.1 KB)
ShellR2.2.STL (458.8 KB)
ShellL2.5.STL (855.6 KB)
ShellR2.5.STL (456.3 KB)
ShellL3.2.STL (1.2 MB)
ShellR3.2.STL (612.1 KB)
wheel1.1.STL (277.9 KB)
wheel2.1.STL (386.5 KB)


might have to get a vx2 now, nice work :yum:
flip up screen is cool but I can’t imagine it surviving a single fall


Nice work, I was looking at my printer standing idle earlier too!

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Yeah this is the weakest part of this design, some of it will be mitigated via a M4 bolt that goes all the way through and extends from both sides of the display hinge, which will transfer the majority of a side impact to the shell, any force to the display should simply flip it out of the way and hopefully saving the internals.

The saving grace is that it’s not any less protected than the original. All materials surrounding the display is thicker with more buffer. The 2 piece display shell should also help a bit too.

hmm, I think thats a bit too optimistic, happy to be wrong though


I think potentially I may create an add-on of some kind of a sacrificial cage around the display as well for people who may be prone to dropping it. I tried other display positions but due to it’s size, it remains relatively unprotected regardless of orientation, even sideways. The only protected location is tucked against the PCB, but this would only work for left handed people. Ultimately it ended up where it is now. I’m completely open to suggestions if you think of something I haven’t yet?


Only thing I can think of is removing the hinge and having a fixed angle, diff degree angle versions could be chosen from


This looks really cool, very spy gadget like


Looks great haha just the sort of thing that your mind wanders to in boredom


You could go down the route of a puck type shape perhaps?


I think the PCB is too long for that. It would be one massive puck lol

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S’nice but as others have said the screen is sticking out exposed, to my mind if the main section encased it more when not extended then at least it would have a chance.

Obviously when extended all bets are off otherwise spring load it in some way so that it only extends when clutched


Will create an optional add-on cage to protect the screen, think this would be the best way to go without adding a lot of bulk. Leaves options open on how it can be set up.

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This is sweet! Dang j need to invest in a 3d printer


Go for it my man, all worth it. Just a pain in the ass some time.


This looks so good, Will be looking into this when my vx2’s arrive! are you going to put it on thingiverse?


I can print for you. Will also offer a parts kit for the ball bearing version, with cut to length spindle and 2 bearings and all the hardware.


Don’t think so, will be keeping these exclusive for this community so everyone here can have a fun mod.

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I’m sold!

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