Countersunk washers

Hey guys,
I built a custom deck for my diy eboard

(sorry for the dirt)

I’m using the normal m6 flat head screws

Now, my wood is pretty soft so if I tighten it too hard (easiliy with hand) the screw goes inside the wood and enlarge the whole.
Its realy delicate, especially with electric driller, like that:

I must be super gentle to watch when its about as flat as the surface, maybe a bit more inside, and stop tightening, otherwise I tear up the wood.
And thats not a great solution for skateboard with vibration problems and stuffs like that.

so my question is:
Is there sort of special washer for such screws to avoid that problem?

I was thinking about countersunk washers like this:

But I can’t really find anything on sale and surely nothing for the specific size of our hardware…

Is this ever concerned anyone?
Did you find another solution?
Or perhaps do you know where to get the right size of those countersunk washers?

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Maybe the X thingies would be good for your situation.


Check out fender washers too.



Also consider button head or pan head (better) screws.

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First what type of wood did you make the board out of cause hard maple should not compress that easily unless you have a 1000 lbs gorilla doing the tightening. I would just suggest the x brace. Counter washers I think would be to large for it to look nice. Fender washs may do the trick but you since you have a large hole it would sit over you might cup the wash.

I would do the x brace or get pan head screws with a flat washer. What you should do is drill a countersink hole before you put on the hardware. Doing this will create an area that the screw head can sit and not compress the fibers of the wood that could cause premature failure of the board .

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Have you put weight on this thing? or did you use an impact to put the screws on?

Haha don’t tell the ladies.

I’m actually giggling.

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You beat me to the Giggity

Just imagine being a woodworker. It is all innuendos

Drill, screw, hammer, wetness, etc etc :slight_smile:

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my favorite is that is some beautiful wood.


If anyone has the M5 version, can you tell me what the outer dia is?

11.9mm not sure what that is in Freedom units.

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Perfect. It’s in mm, because D is 5mm. Thanks so much.