Converting to AT!

Hi, friends!

I currently have a pro2 kit from torqueboards on my landyachtz dex manning gambler. It’s a beast, especially with 80a caguamas. Anyway, as yall know, this kit is fairly modular. I have an opportunity to acquire a MBS mountain board complete with foot straps, at wheels, the whole shabang (40 inch deck) for less than 90 bucks. What pieces would I need to move over my battery and motors to make a new eboard setup on this MBS board? I know I’m saving hella money if I can get this board.

I’m thinking I’ll need new trucks (I have Cal2s on the pro2 kit) or some sort of motor mount, pulleys for the big AT wheels, what else?

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You can transfer the battery/ESC/motors/motor pulleys/remote/charger/accessories without issue

You might be able to transfer the enclosure but no guarantee, the battery is a bit long for most eMTB builds

You will need to get wheel pulleys/belts/motor mounts. I’m assuming you have ATS12 trucks at that price so look for the corresponding motor mount

BTW pics help alot

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It’s the MBS atom. Any ideas where to get the motor mounts, pulleys, etc?

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What’s your budget? @Janux-esk8 has that kinda stuff

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The budget be best parts for cheapest price (basically the necessities and not more), not trying to break bank here considering I still have to buy the board lol

Pics of the wheel hubs please?

I can ask for those, that’s all I have thus far. I’ll pull a stock photo?

It looks like you can put the TB enclosure underneath, just get some bolts to mount it and drill them through the deck or use threaded inserts

The cheapest motor mounts will be this @Boardnamics mount, should be $60 shipped roughly


Atom 22 hubs, that’s from the stock MBS site

I can’t find specifics for the hubs, they are not sold individually on the MBS site

It looks like a 3 bolt pattern but no idea what the diameter is, you can probably print one or buy a generic 72T pulley and drill the holes yourself

Alternatively you can buy a pair of these 8x2 wheels from @dickyho but only the hubs (one normal hub and one hybrid 72T pulley hub per wheel)

Not the right mounts…


You right, those were the channel truck ones weren’t they, who makes cheap ATS 12 mounts then?

I don’t know those trucks are rubbish

Good — segue. What’s a different, more viable option with accessible and budget friendly trucks that would provide options for accessible mounts?

@IDEA have the juciest mounts but I don’t know the price or the version he have. Maybe he can fill u in.

I have a set of ats 12 mounts from @idea I’m currently not using if you’re looking to buy them @brooksie. You’d just need belts and pulleys.

All just dirt, no scratches or anything.

Original kit:



Very much interested. Where would I look to get the pulleys?

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@idea again. I went with a 15t motor pulley and a 72t wheel pulley but you can pick others that suit your torque/speed needs.

I would send him a private message (he seems to be more active in his thread on the other forum) and attach this photo explaining you only need the pulleys, belts, and hardware for whatever hubs you end up choosing. If he asks what version mount, it’s v4.5.

You will already have the crossbars, motor mounts, ats 12 truck clamps, and crossbar hardware from me.

@brooksie If you already have our PRO2 Kit you can use 218mm Trucks with our AT Tire Kit. Just not a true MTB setup.

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