Convert a Vespa to electric with StormCore 100S?

The capacity of the StormCore 100S is set for 100V which may actually be enough to run a powerful motor for an electric motor scooter. The electric Vespa was selling for $7,000 last year which makes me interested in a conversion kit for gas scooters like the Vespa and other makes/models.

Have any of you looked into conversion options?

Here’s an article with steps which are not very deep but a decent starting point.


Just fyi, the StormCorse 100v versions will not be available for purchase by individuals

(this is a rumor I had heard)


individuals can purchase them but they will be expensive, and come with a battery, board trucks, wheels, etc. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:




The 100S won’t be available to individuals? I thought the S meant single motor. What board is going to have a single motor and need 100V? I’d expect maybe an EUC or bike would use this ESC. Most boards have at least 2 motors these days. The Lacroix and Hoyt boards are all duals.

Who would make a single motor board at this point?

If LaCroix refuses to sell them outside of b2b transactions, that is only going to open up a market for 2nd party re-sellers to buy in bulk and scalp the community for greater-than-MSRP prices. If they simply do not want to deal with shipping and fulfillment on small orders, I get it, but I still believe they would be doing the community a disservice.

Just my uneducated opinion though. I dont think that 20S is for me either way lol.


I thought lacroix wouldn’t allow resell at all? Basically the 100 vol versions are in lacroix boards only
and youll have to buy the board to grab the esc out of it.

Also, single drive at 90 volts with short gearing makes sense. Then you get torque and top speed from one motor and save the cost of dual setups

@DEEIF wanna weigh in here?

I got my info from Dash so its just hearsay


Ah. I had not heard this. Thats a little disappointing to be honest, but if they want to be the only kids on the block rocking 100v completes, I guess good for them cornering the market that they created lol. They dont owe us anything and if they want to go to all the work to make a cool new thing and keep it to themselves, who am I to complain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks @Agressivstreetlamp

I was just the messenger, what I heard came from when I asked @mackann

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I messaged Alex here on the forum and he said they are targeting May for them being available for retail sales. It would make sense that initially a limited supply would go toward the production of boards.


Hate to be the one to spread rumors myself. But for the fun of it, lets assume we can buy it.

I myself would build a dual hub motor ebike that will do 65 MPH :0


I believe this is what the kids would call a “motor cycle”

Im not hip with all the lingo though. I fully support your ambitions :+1:


wouldnt something like a scooter be looking at totally different motor controllers? Like, bigger ones? since you have the room

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Sweaty is the new word


Also, what kind of amps would a hub motor of that size be wanting to make it rideable? I think a dedicated option would probably be better/simpler/cheaper. But also less DIY so fuck it, ride the storm :ok_hand:

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@sofu I see you hiding, spill it


Ebikes generally support ~30/40 Amps hence the 100V would be lovely!

A couple of these


Been working on making the RION RE70 Stormcore prototype work with @Deodand and we had to go the route of two 100Ds (basically 4 singles, two driving one motor) to provide enough current for exhilarating riding… 400A to pavement at 19-20S. Unsure what kind of power you need for a single motor vespa but assuming it’s an electric hub motor maybe something similar?


How do you go about connecting two in parallel to each other?


Holy speed noodle batman!

20*3.7v * 400 A *1.341 = 30 KW *1.341 = 40 Itallian fullbreads haha

Normal vespa is like 12 Hp