Compatible parts to wirelessly achieve one remote paired with two receivers?

I am trying to make electric roller skis: two skis about three feet long each (separate skis, not wired together) using electric skateboard parts.

Recently, my Flipsky VX2 remote and two Flipskly 4.20 Mini FESCs (and accompanying receivers) arrived, and I discovered that, contrary to what Flipsky had told me (miscommunication), it is not possible to pair the VX2 remote with two of their receivers (basically, the most recently paired receiver wins no matter what sequence you use to try to pair both).

So, here I am with two FSECs, two receivers, and one remote, and I can’t use them all together.

I have multiple options to consider (including trying to use two remotes–one in each hand), but I do know that it is possible, given the right combination of parts, to pair one remote with one receiver–just not mine.

What parts would let me wirelessly achieve this? (Yes, I’m aware that I could run a cable between my skis to achieve this in theory, but if you’ve ever been skiing or had the urge to NOT run wires in your pants, you’ll know why this is unattractive–having a wire go between two skis is not OK unless there is definitely no way to achieve this).

I know this is possible because I’ve seen video of two skateboards being controlled by a single controller. What makes this possible? Why do my parts not work? What parts would I have to replace in order to be able to achieve this?

On the wiring diagram for the 4.20 FSEC, I see the following for where my remote is connected:

  1. 5V
  2. 3.3V
  3. ADC
  4. TX
  5. RX
  6. ADC2

My receivers:
My remote: (I like it a lot–would prefer to keep it if I could somehow)

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Just get a mini trigger remote. They will pair to multiple receivers.

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At the same time?


mini trigger remote

Can you suggest a make and model? How will I know if I have found compatible parts?

Can I still use my Flipsky receivers? If I need new receivers, how will I know which ones to get?

maybe i missed it but where are you located ???


you got links for this man??? where’s best to buy atm. i haven’t picked up a mini in a while.

This is covered in detail here