Combating foot fatigue

How do you all combat foot fatigue? I hate having to stop every few miles to let my feet ‘cool off’.

I’ve been battling with this problem for a while and I’m looking for good solutions. Ironically it seems adding more padding to my shoes just cause my feet to go numb 10x faster, that just the right about of padding works okay to combat foot fatigue. With some F5 bindings on order, I don’t want to end up with cushy straps but still numb feet.

I tend to get less foot fatigue with my running shoes, way more in my skate shoes, and the least foot fatigue in my LeBrons with a Dr Scholl’s insert… That same insert in my skate shoes makes them worse.

I was thinking about adding some neoprene foam under the griptape on my Haero, but adding the same neoprene foam in my shoes (1/16th inch thick) was hoooorrrible.

Anyways, I feel like I’m just trying things with limited success besides just changing shoes… Especially for you MTB/bindings users, what have you found to be noticably beneficial to combat foot fatigue? Any shoes in particular that work really well?


My front foot never gets numb, only my back foot.

The only thing I have found so far that ameliorates it, is more riding. If I start riding less, then I can’t ride nearly as far. If I ride a bunch every single day, then I can ride 20 miles (32km) or more without even stopping [on polyurethane longboard wheels]. But if I ride less a few days in a row, then it seems like my foot is reeling after a few miles (km).


It’s not nearly as bad on my urethane board… It’s still there and I still stop to rest for sure. Being able to move around a bit and re-adjust while riding helps a lot… having your feet strapped in sucks for that reason.

You’ve just motivated me to recharge for today :sunglasses:

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i have that too. If i use shoes with a hard sole i can ride much further compared to very soft and plush shoes.

Apart from that a flexy deck and good wheels.

What’s even weirder is that my feet hurt faster on my pneummies than on my hub motors.


I’m weird and use very floppy soft soled shoes to skate in. They make them out of beer coozie foam.

Sanuks only forever :sunglasses:


Carving when riding helps. It circulates blood around your feet. If you go in a straight line then you’ll start to feel the burn in 20 to 30 mins


I used to get Plantar Fascitis and foot fatigue until I started using Superfeet Green insoles in every shoe I wear. 12 years later, my foot issues are totally gone.


I only have half the experience of y’all but I have found dampening dynamics of the skateboard to play a huge part in body comfort, as well as experience on it. My whole career I’ve worn Converse so can’t really comment on the shoe aspect of board feel. They are comfortable enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tarted with a stiff as wood urethane board and my front foot would vibrate and be strained 'till I couldn’t take it anymore. That feeling affected me less and less the more often I rode, just like building up muscle (not that I do that). Took a break for a short while and when I came back the pain came back more and I had to ride it off. Then I started riding a bouncy pneumatic mountainboard and I rarely noticed front foot fatigue again. Everything was cushioned! I’ll return to that 'thane board in a bit and expect to feel the burn slightly.

The rear “foot” on the other hand in both these scenarios takes all the compression from acceleration and really does hurt after some time. Short breaks and letting off on the power helps it calm down.

My thoughts.


Yes! Beat me to it. Although, I will admit I haven’t used superfeet since going with the Vans Pro series. They have treated me really well. I’ve noticed more discomfort/comfort attributed to the deck shape/concave rather than my shoe of choice


Carving definitely helps a lot, i find it to be most effective at alleviating foot fatigue, also when i see that i have a nice long straight i try to shift my weight back and forth between my front and rear foot, this can be dangerous tho, so be careful doing this. i have also considered trying to learn how to switch sides while i ride. but after trying it once i gave up lol. Its like learning to write with your non dominant hand


Anyone tried poron foam? Heard it helps a lot under griptape.


If these shoes don’t help you nothing will lol


Shoes definitely make a difference also. Skate shoes are better than not skate shoes :rofl:


Same. I think it has to do with how we use our back feet. For me i’m mostly on the ball of my back foot only balancing on it harder when I accelerate, but its kind of a weird position to hold your foot in and my toes go numb.


They look puffier than a lipo right before exploding :crazy_face:


Those are just the marketing photos.

This is a real-world pair of used Globe Tilt.

The thin sole I think is what makes them good for skate. Total control


To update my statement.

On my hubmotor board i can wear soft and plushy shoes no problem which i do 99% of the time.

On my Pneummies i can’t. Maybe missing control due to the softness? But shouldn’t that be the same of the other one?

My experience commuting 32mi/51km round trip almost every day for a year and a half before covid:

  • ride more gets better. ride less comes back.
  • shift feet around.
  • at lights I will step off the board and roll feet around.
  • balance a bit more of the thrust onto front foot by leaning forward a tad more, and not taking the brunt of thrust in the back foot.
  • carve when the opportunity presents itself feel the usage of the different parts of your feet. (not a lot during commutes. )

Gotta roll around on torta shoes :rofl:


Just chuck tailors but with gel inserts.

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