Coloured Connecters Co.

That’s right, Welcome to Coloured Connecters Co!

As some may know, i have been dying connectors for a while.
I’ve been the “supplier” to @SabreDynamics Premium Loopkeys

So i have quite the dying equipment. It’s taken time to standardize colours, experiment with different formulas, and of course different dying techniques. Yes i’m an excellent salesman, thank you :wink:

So here are my prices (Euro €):

XT90S XT90H XT60H XT30U MR60 MT60
5.25 3.50 Pair 2.50 Pair 2.25 Pair 3.25 Pair 3.25


XT90S and XT90H are sold individually (hence the name) otherwise the others are sold in pairs (1 female and 1 male connecter, with the appropriate end caps)

XT90S XT90H XT60H XT30U MR60 MT60
Pinky Red* 10 12
Cherry Red 4 2
Army Green 4 4
Deep Purple 7 10
Brown Red* 4 6
Black 11 2 12
Available Non-dyed connecters 30+ 8


Ideally Paypal, but if you have another way i’ll do my best. To order, please PM me or contact me on Telegram @LouisFechoz


Shipping worldwide, though if you just want black connectors and you live in the US, i recommend checking out the awesome @MrDrunkenMobster’s website DIY Supply – Duck Battery Systems

In Europe, it should be 4euros to ship a padded letter to most places if it isn’t, i’ll let you know.
For other countries, i will tell you upon request. Of course, i’m always finding the cheapest option for you.


Here are pics so you can get a clear idea of the colours. I’m using white light so hopefully you get the best FPV of how it looks.

And last thing. Pinky Red and Brown Red (*) are 15% cheaper because they were bad batches. These will not be Standard colours available.Once sold out there shall be no other.
The pinky red is hard to describe, it’s a bit like a lighter raspberry red. It’s actually very good looking but I nightmare to remake the same colour.


very soon we will need a physical pantone chart right next to the product shot to show the colours :joy:

awesome stuff Louis


I’ve been using some of the Black and deep purple connectors for a while now. Colors look like they came straight from Amass :slight_smile:

Beautiful work Louis!


That’s some pukka boutique gear, Louis! Good luck to you, man!


Awesome selection of colors dude! I may have to copy you one of these days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks everyone!
@MrDrunkenMobster of course!
@jamie @longhairedboy I don’t know which one but thanks for the cheeky edit haha. I was pushing it, I know :rofl:

Also big shout-out to @frame.b022 who is the supplier of most of these Amass connectors. Cheers mate. And no, I haven’t forgotten :wink:

@BillGordon and @Linny can also testify of these connectors. I smuggled some green and orange ones to Singapore just for them.


Why ‘smuggled’? Are coloured connectors also outlawed there alongside personal light electric vehicles and chewing gum?


Well I couldn’t tell Linny I made green connecters, he would have lost it. I had to smuggle them to Bill and Bill had to find the exact opening statement as to contain Linny’s enthusiasm.


Brilliant! :rofl:




I’m sold lol

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part of my job here is preventing issues, not just dealing with them when they happen. you’re welcome.

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Pm if interested! Prices and shipping info all in the above post. If there are connecters without your colours I can fix that.

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Nioce buddy way to go!


You should put these on AliExpress. (Just the standard colors)

You’d sell so many of them until Amass rectified their C.A.I.S.

I wouldn’t keep too many around though because once Amass gets the hint, bye bye competitive pricing.

* Cranial to Anial Insertion Syndrome


Well Brian if he just sells to forum folks and you don’t run your mouth how are they gonna find out?

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If he put them on AliExpress.

Also, I’m not the one you should be worried about when it comes to mouth running. :smirk:

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Mr. keep a secret haha I like that…

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Back on topic boys!

This inventory will update according to orders and batches I make. I can also make custom colours and special connecters upon request. Note that blue and pink are pretty impossible, I tried everything from acetone, bleach, ammonia, chlorhydrique acide, and I couldn’t whiten them enough to make such colours


Great stuff and nice writeup Louis!

@PixelatedPolyeurthan supplied us with some basic colours, and also black connectors for our loopkeys. they look great and the dye has held up great for us so far. De dye penetrates the material top layer so the colour only wears down if you would scratch it deeply.