Classic Prototipo - The Passion of the Croix

This is a personal project, and one that I am just now about to begin. And in the spirit of adventure:

“Even the longest journey, begins with but a single step.”
-Bill Nye, in a really old guy’s voice

It starts with something very special, a LaCroix Prototipo deck and enclosure, that has never been used or built into. No model markings, just plain. From, what I understand, when they offered a DIY set of sorts prior to the DSS60 and DSS50+ models.

I picked this up locally from @Brently, and was stunned to see it. @EDness and @jack.luis were there as well, and it seemed like I was in good Prototipo company. It was inspiring.

I will list below the knowns and unknowns (more or less) of what will likely go into this build.

Deck: Leaving it with a mostly stock appearance. I’m going to lightly sand it and seal it with a few coats of spar urethane. I did some tests, and I’m happy with the finish after 4 coats. It seems like it’ll give it a nice semi-gloss finish, and preserve the wood grain and prevent some yellowing over time.

Battery: 12s5p in P42A, either with a FlexBMS Lite, or a prototype charge-only BMS that a friend designed. Failing those, a Daly 12S because they carry their weight.

ESC: Xenith. I mean, it’ll fit, and I’ve tested it. I have a spare Unity that I can swap in just in case, but I’ll go with the Xenith first…after I fix the thermal tape issue.

Trucks & Mounts: I’m likely going with the kit that @EboardSolutions sells: QUALITY MECHANICAL EMTB KIT – ElectricBoardSolutions and just grab a couple extra hubs, and the yellow bushings.

Wheels: Trampa Urban Treadszzsz

Motors: FS BH 6384 190kv

Other Electronics:

DRI Xenigotchi + GPS unit, OSRR Bruce remote.


LaCroix sells both the Prototipo motor mounts, and the 62t wheel pulleys. Are these things I should go for? Or stick with the 66t pulleys and the mounts that come with the EBoardSolutions kit? I’m assuming that’s what they use on the Flux boards, so I’m glad to use them. Just unsure of what to order at the moment.

Would the 66t pulleys have adequate clearance with the 6.5" tires?


Let me make you a heatsink to fit in there. I did it for Kennedy’s proto and it doesn’t overheat anymore.


I was getting 7km on a unity before getting forced into a fun timeout. I had the thinnest PC heat sink on it. But I have 200mm tires and heavy wheels.


I can make you a set too, the more I order the cheaper it is


Will this fit flush with everything else in there?

Also, thank you! :pray:

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I got a 60d+ to fit. Xenith moved to kids board and her unity moved to Italy.


With the current drivetrain you’ve laid out: ~$750usd with shipping for the EBS kit and ~$220 for the FS motors. Some other random pulleys or bits = ~$1K

You could instead buy some apex air trucks for $520+ship and boardnamics 3.95 ratio gear drives with 190KV 84’s for $499+ship. Them you would need hubs and bearings at about $100, all totaling $1120+ ship.

I didn’t factor your 6" tire’s in either way since urban treads are additional either way. but in my book that’s a massive upgrade for a small price difference.




Apex airs do not turn well at all on this deck in my personal experience

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Tuning and wedges? Tbf I didn’t like the feel of the stock proto on matrix trucks at all when I’ve ridden them, even one that was well tuned for the owner who was only a little heavier it just felt completely numb.

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Well, I was hoping to keep a bit of a closeness to the original Proto, and I’ve known Metal Matrices to be good trucks.

I’m also REALLY not into gear drives. To be frank, I very much prefer belt drives. Not just for the practical reasons, but I just prefer the aesthetic. What I like most about them (and dislike about gears) is for the most part, subjective, and so I won’t argue utlity. I just…really like the belt drives.

I’ve already got the motors, the motor pulleys, and almost all the other bits and bobs though, so those don’t need further spending.

I guess I have more thinking to do.


Looking at the options…I could allocate a little more money and just get the Hypertrucks setup… Seeing what’s actually included, it’s not THAT much more. The only annoying part is the motor mounting holes are only the 30mm spacings. For some reason. I’m not a fan of that…or the proprietary motor pulley bearing.


Why do you like belts better? Because of the way they look?


Look, sound, lack of mess, ease of repair/replacement, the fact that Kaly’s don’t have them, stuff like that.


What’s the thermal tape issue?

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On the Xenith, as well as two Unities, there’s a consistent issue with the placement of the thermal pad. It doesn’t contact 4 of the FETs, and so they are not thermally connected to the top heatsink.

It’s just a matter of taking the top heatsink off and adding thermal pads there. However it seems consistent with it just being how they do it from the factory.


That’s a stunning find. It looks mint. It might well be one-of-a-kind now that so many have been skinned and bastardised.

What are you going to do for grip? Are you going to use the old strips of grip tape they originally ran with?


That kit from eboardsolutions is the exact same that comes with the stock Flux, the motor mounts are probably the best ones i’ve seen for Matrix trucks, well made and really strong and pulleys are really good and are for 20mm belts. I’ve rode 1500km with that kit in my Flux before i change to Moon Gear Drives, never had a belt snap, they almost looked brand new.
I’m not a big fan of hypertrucks on a Prototipo, they look to wide in that deck.

I’m going to follow this thread like a paparazzi, it’s probably my dream build but in the end not coming to my house.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@TheBoardGarage out of interest can you let me know what you do about inserts as i had a huge issue with them when i was fixing a board for someone

the wood doesnt like big inserts sadly

Seems like gear drives are less messy not more. What makes you think the opposite?

Have you ever gotten a plastic bag stuck in your belt drive? I have. Horrible horrible experience. Lots of plastic bags on the ground in NYC