Christmas Promotion: Maytech New SUPERFOC6.8 50A FOC ESC based on VESC6 are in stock now!


The 4.12 footprint was never really great was it though? That’s why fuckboxes were so appealing (that and them being solid af if treated well) and the fuckbux unitits is also super appealing now because of the size, its like almost the same size one of those things :+1:t3:


yeah I think the approach of this vesc based esc is not the size. not sure what advantage the it brings to use the hw 4.12 layout besides that you could use your heat sink box if you already own one.

@Eileen what would be the price for one with heat sink?
Unfortunately on the alibaba you can´t see that until you ask for a quote.
Also the alibaba side says 3-12s and on the picture from @longhairedboy the esc is labled as 2-14s. which of both is correct?

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90$ for a sample 50$ at quantity of ??? for a maybe good vesc6 based esc. if you have the space in the enclosure… it´s an argument to buy.

Any news on the superFoc? @longhairedboy

How did it compare to other Vesc based Esc´s on the market?

its amazeballs. I’m writing up the review now.

I think it will more than adequately replace the OG focbox as far as reliability and performance goes. Perfect single drive solution.


What about as a dual drive? Does it look good enough for the witch blades and customs?

They only sent me the one unit, so i can’t test CAN reliability in a dual. Also, I’m using Unities for duals until somebody makes something better.

I’m definitely using these in my single drive systems though. Unfortunately it means buying more eswitches…


QQ for your single drives, what motor mounts do you use for Cal 50s?

Can someone make this an acceptable form by rearranging the caps?


Do you want it stacked under the PCB? You can probably just bend it given the length of the wires

My own. I still have a few left that UNiK made me.

Got them in the 50mm to 60mm center to center size?

off the top of my head i have no idea what they are. I know a 16/32 uses a 265mm belt and a 16/36 uses a 280mm belt.

If the train left paris at 2:42 pm…


Damon can those caps be bent under the pcb?

Here is pre-order discount price:


Someone who’s more responsible than me start a group buy. I’m in for 2.

first let @longhairedboy do a testrun than we can speak about a group buy :wink:

Maybe if the case is removed. I’ve only been testing as is.

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Thank you. Agness confirmed they can for anyone wondering.


How thick is that going to be?