Choosing the right trucks?


I would like to know the opinions of anybody who has tried 3dservistas trucks or trucks that are very similar in designs and functions compared to MBS ? Bioboards uses them on their boards and I believe they must be stable for high speed however, how well do they carve ?

You could always use a different truck on the front for better carving

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Ask them yourself @3DServisas @Kug3lis

I was actually hoping to get some feedback from people who have ridden them but they are welcome to elaborate.


Are you talking about 3D’s matrix II trucks? Or the extra long caliber profile trucks that bioboards has been posting a ton of?

Regardless… they are both more or less extra long versions of their original counterparts (3Ds matrix II profile is different, but that’s a good thing imo). The extra width/weight makes them feel a little more stable, and the matrix II trucks in particular are a lot more solid in comparison to the OG.
The calibers obviously have a huge range of bushings to dial in the carve/stability. MBS has less, but still a good range to get carvey wit it. Either way, the trucks do not change that b/c the bushing seats are similar enough.

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yes I am talking about the MBS matrix ll trucks in comparison with the 3D servisas trucks that bioboard uses on their boards. I have ridded the MBS ones and they are great but was wondering what does the 3D servisas trucks feel like so that I can make up my mind on my next project.

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Post up what you’re talking about when you’re referring to the trucks that bioboards is using. I haven’t seen them post matrix trucks, only long calibers, but I could have missed it.

Reason I’m pressing you is the matrix II trucks and the calibers are totally different geometry.


Is that what you call the long calibers ?


matrix 2 trucks are mtb trucks. unless you have a mtb forget about them. Vice versa if you have a mtb then you can’t use normal trucks without an adapter.

Comparing the 2 makes no sense. like comparing an Airbus a380 with a jet

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Lacroix uses them on their prototipo and they are great for carving from my personal experience. I am just hoping someone has actually tried both these trucks and give me their opinions. I am not sure abt the airbus and a jet. Have you tried them ?

I believe that only @3DServisas and @Kug3lis have ridden the their matrix clones.
Bioboards sells skateboards not mountainboards and does not use channel trucks. instead, @mackann sells (and provides excellent after-sales support) for the 3DS caliber clones.

That was an anology, not a product


One is a mountainboard truck the other is a longboard truck.
They’re apples and oranges. Very different.
The longboard truck is meant to be stable at higher speeds.
The mbs will always Carve harder.
But both need decks with much different geometry. Or adapters of some kind.


What do you mean the MBS will carve harder ?

You’ll just be able to carve much more aggressive on them.
Caliber trucks weren’t designed with carving in mind. But can be damn stable at high speed.

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Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

If you don’t plan on going over like 35 miles per hour, I would definitely recommend the mbs.
But again both these trucks are entirely different and intended for very different types of boards.

(I do think the MBS could be made stable on the right set-up with the right ridder th0)


Yup. Totally different from the mtb/mbs trucks. MTB/channel trucks (like the mbs matrix II and trampa spring trucks) do not turn when they are compressed, so you need a slanted service to mount them on to get any turning ability (like MTB decks or the kaly/lacroix bois). That’s why ppl are saying they aren’t exactly interchangeable.


I’ve pushed mine around, but waiting on getting some motor mounts made.

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You lucky bastard

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