Chinese 6x2 tyres on Evolve hubs

Evolve 6inch tyres are out of order for my country.
Anyone tried the 6x2 Aliexpress tyres and tubes on Evolve hubs?

These tyres

Compatible with those hubs?

They will not fit.


Yep too small the airless variety fit but they are horrible. Look at the at hub tire guide…

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OK thanks for the answers. The Chinese 6 inner tubes should work?

They should I haven’t tried I have both types of wheel and sure I use the same tubes

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OK great, because I have some 6 inch alibtubes already.
Any idea if the ali 6x2 hubs will fit evolve supercarve trucks?

Hello i have flipsky wheels withe the 60t bully.

I search good tyres fore this.

Sunmate 150x50 or 175x50 or 200x50 will work:

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