Cheap e-board for neighborhood kids

When I started esk8ing around my neighborhood a few years back, there was exactly one kid who skateboarded. Not electric, just pushed a manual board around.

Last night I counted 7 kids on skateboards just on my street playing together. During my sunset ride I passed 6 more kids riding them in the rest of our neighborhood, 5 kids in the park (if you include rip sticks), and 5 kids in the neighborhood across the street.

I’ve been letting more and more kids ride my cheap slow eboard around and they’re wanting to buy or build their own now.

I have this junk Craigslist board that has 3 speed modes: 8 mph, 10 mph, 12 mph maybe?

Perfect on low/medium for kids learning to stand. Fun on high for kids wanting to mario kart around sitting down.

Heavy SLA battery and no programming is meh.

What’s the cheapest way you’d build a board for small kids?

Ages ~10-14 mostly

Random thoughts:

  • Single motor?
  • Generic hub motor kit on a Walmart deck?
  • mini remote most likely
  • lipo battery vs nese and my 3d printers?
  • aliexpress esc remote combos won’t allow me to tune things down much

Help me out here, I’m legitimately trying to raise the next generation of esk8 here.


Recently saw a video of Lee Wright reviewing the Ancheer board.
No idea where to actually get it, but they list it with 155$ with single hub motor.


My 9yo just got into esk8 with me. She started on a Meepo Campus(that I literally just boxed up to sell). For less than $200 it was bang on. Started on beginner and quickly moved through the modes. She got 11-14 miles on the reg.

She has access to a new boosted V2 dual+. She doesn’t like it at all. The remote is too big for her to use without focusing on it. Even though she likes the flexy board, she doesn’t like the boosted. We will sell that and build another board for her. Luckily it was mega cheap and new. Should make money on the deal.


i wouldn’t trust my kids with lipos but that’s just me. i’d rather have them ride a123, especially if they’re going to store it in their bedroom and leave it charging unattended (ask @KaramQ)

my 8yo thinks my tayto is the best thing since fruit loops, you can find them at the base of the cliffs washed ashore near @Brenternet’s place


Yeah don’t do that lol, I unfortunately learned the hard way, 16,000$ in damages and living in a hotel for two months isn’t nice lol. F lipos


Holy shit. Link to details for the new guy?

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+1 for cheap meepo’s should be plenty till they’re like 15 or 16. Has speed modes, is serviceable/modifiable for those who want to tinker, etc.


Agreed. Meepo boards a solid first.

Thank you all. Looks like Meepo’s cheapest board at the moment is $379. I’ll look around for used ones but it doesn’t look like they sell the campus cruisers any more.


@sofu made a skateboard for her cat… I imagine that might do the job :joy:

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6s2p battery
ebay esc with remote single setup
1 5065
Hobbyking motor mount
1 cheap skateboard
Or a cheap chinese thing. Meepo is ok

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Dang. Sold mine for $200 plus shipping this morning. Would have hooked it up for you. Figured I would get laughed off the site if I listed it for sale. Lol.


I wouldn’t; I would buy a cheapo hub motor board.

But if I did, then

Single 6355 belt drive or single hub motor drive
4.12 VESC
Probably 12S1P A123 26650 cells
Limit ESC to 12mph (19km/h)
Limit ESC to 8A battery current (ages 10 - 11)
Limit ESC to 15A battery current (ages 12 - 14)
Loopkey with 5 extra keys
Discharge BMS for when they leave the key in overnight


Spare parts build and speed/amp limited ESC- probably not the answer you’re looking for, but for something for kids to mess around on it works.

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linx to pix :arrow_left: (see what I did there!!!)

or you are dead to me!!!

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Yeah hacking things together and being responsible for fixes doesn’t sound too fun. I need ~$200 options these kids can potentially save up for or get as a birthday gift.

@abusfullofnuns bummer! I totally would have snagged it.


That’s one of multiple reasons I’d suggest a cheapo hub motor board :sunglasses:

and I don’t frequently suggest cheapo hub motor boards


You can do way better than an ancheer DIY. Use a 10S2P 22P battery with a single hub drive and a shitter ESC. Will actually have a range better than the 7S1P ancheer.

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Thank you for the reference specs

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