Cheap drop through truck bracing brackets

Has anyone found drop trough brackets that are reasonably priced?
Like Riptides:, just half the price or less.
I have cut myself one set, but would not like to do that for all my decks, and I somehow just can’t get myself to pay $25 for a piece of Aluminium.

Maybe @dickyho could add them to his shop? Should be super easy to get these CNCd. Your top deck guards are super solid. I would love to see the same for drop through decks.

Next level awesome would be if someone made such brackets which even allow to move the trucks further out than the deck originally did, so you can fit pneumatics or other large wheels. That might need a top and bottom bracket from really solid material though.


Well if you want a fancy piece of aluminum @akhlut makes x brackets for the community, and they look great :joy:


Those are beautiful.
But what I am looking for are U-brackets, cheap enough to order a dozen without costing a leg.
They are under the deck, so who cares about looks.


yes, those are cheap, if by Laser cut. I will make some. by the way, 4mm thick is OK?


Your regular X-brackets are also 4mm?

I think just using the exact same material would be just fine. :ok_hand:

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those are 3mm. OK, will make 3mm then.

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@moon beams?


I would love to get the U shaped ones. As linked above, but with two holes on both sides. So you can switch it around.

Also good option:


got it, thanks. will go with this.


Did you also understand what I meant with my “next level” suggestion?
@eBoosted did something like that on one of his boards.

In essence, if you made two O-Brackets, with more holes on one side (~8 holes instead of 2), then people could move drop through trucks further out, (instead of cutting into the deck or top mounting with risers or using smaller wheels).

Edit: Note, that might be a longer undertaking. If you want to do it, I am happy to be your tester.


Yes, you are awesome!
Thank you!

BTW, just using the same laser cut steel is fine for now. If you like, you could do them, and your normal x-brackets, with some good Aluminium. That would help save total board weight. But that’s just a thought. Keep doing what you do.

understand, need holes the same like on this deck.

CNC expensive. maybe laser out the aluminum, then press the groove. or just machine press out the whole thing…, the problem is these things not a lot.


This is how I DIY fixed a deck with partially broken nose:

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This is one of the deck failures this could prevent/fix:

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For the next level bracket, imagine you could move the truck further out.

With a bracket like this:


@dickyho any updates?

Hey psst @PrivacyDoctor is this what you’re looking for?

Now it’s far from the best design but it’s better than nothing,
I mean if it flexes then it’s about as useful as some washers, (or worse)

Thank you, but they are for top mounted boards, I am looking for drop mounted deck guards. :slight_smile:

In fact the ones you linked are what I used to cut up and make a hacky version of what I need: