Charger from server power supply

So I was cleaning old storage room in my work and i came across an Cisco server power supply. I dont remember exact specs but it was something around 55V 6A or so.
Do you guys think it would be possible to use it as my new 12s4p power supply?
Any ideas on how coudl I regulate the 55V to 50,2V?

Sometimes there is an adjustment dial in there, crack it open and look for a small flathead brass screw in some plastic component

Open it up and look for any trim pots that might affect voltage.

Otherwise, you’ll have to find a “real” charger. Or just let your bms hit high voltage cutoff, but then it’s just CC, not CC-CV.

You’ll have to check what that supply does when it is short-circuited. That’s what happens when you connect it to a discharged battery pack. The pack will try to draw huge amounts of current and if the supply is not a constant-current/constant-voltage supply (like a charger) then this supply will probably either shut down or “hiccup” (turn on/off until the overload is removed) due to the huge overload.


you could use it to power a cc/cv buck converter if it’s not cc/cv already. I would think it’s not.

@kook 55v psu?? can just parallel them for a few more amps. :slight_smile:

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but what’s a 55v PSU cost ya?
i like 10amp currently as that’s what most of my gear is speced at…

2x could give you 12a

I saw this earlier and chose to look away… I’m already ass deep into my power-supply…
just waiting and doing the china-delivery rain dance waiting for my converter

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55v power supply? What was it used for?

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