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Changes for the forum in 2020 (SERIOUS)

Problem is to sort between real issues and supposedly jokes as we don’t all have the same sense of humor…

And won’t talk for him but I think that is what @malJohann was talking about when he said “That’s cuts into 90% of a lot of regulars’ discussion”


Also true in the real world, though. But that’s also why we have the flag system. Anything that feels wrong to anyone can be flagged.


This makes a great point. If anyone is offended by something said to them, pull a flag. If it doesn’t bother you, let it stand.


But in the real world, we can punch in the face a bastard who goes too far and/or tell him to gtfo and/or we can gtfo, so he maybe can understand his error. In this forum, it’s not possible and some people don’t care to be gently reprimand and will do it again (at least it is what I noted here).

You don’t care about my life and you’re right doing so but I almost left this forum because of this. Was a time, not really long ago (few months), almost all was bad jokes and non-esk8-related bullshits in this forum and many people noticed it and talked about it here (and even on some WhatsApp group where I saw some EU people reluctant to come back here because of it. Didn’t you notice some people are not active anymore here but were a lot more before ?)

But it’s better now, still a lot of jokes I don’t like but it’s my fault on those ones :wink:


It may be shocking to realize, but it will happen again. If you look at builders you will notice that when winter begins and people can’t skate they get bitchy.


No, you’re right about this, which is why we took steps to make this a more balanced place and push the majority of the messing around to designated spaces like the lounge. We also brought out (SERIOUS) and Derail Jail to help gain a better balance. If you remember, Damon released this in October as well:

We’ve also made strides towards being a stronger resource with a huge push from everyone, and I see that continuing with the Master List getting more filled out and people posting tutorials.

Mistakes in direction were made, and action was taken. We’ll no doubt have course corrections from time-to-time. Part of that will come from people like yourself raising your hand and telling it like it is. All we ask is that you give us time and feedback.

Now, all that said, we will probably never arrive at a place where 1694 people agree that everything is exactly to their liking. All we can do is try.


You do realise that was half tongue in cheek, right? But do think of all the jokes being made, some of which thick-skinned-me sometimes wonder if they aren’t a little bleeding-edge offensive.


Except your joke was also a fairly accurate assessment of what i’ve seen over the last several months and we’re trying to turn that around.

its like saying “damn! that dude’s dead! lol” when dude actually is in fact dead.


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exactly. If I wasn’t so stunningly gorgeous people might take me more seriously. Unfortunately everyone thinks beautiful people are stupid by default. Guess i need to street my face a few more times.

Now get back on topic before Bill shows up and throws us both in jail.


I feel your pain.

@BillGordon. Thanks for getting all this down and out there. Clear and concise as always.

We will do our best to follow these guidelines.

Guys please try to remember that what we do as a mod team is help you and help grow this place into a great resource. It can be very thankless at times but i am sure that if we work together we can make this place the foremost esk8 forum on the net.


Just joined. Your time given is awesome. Thanks.




Welcome to the forum!


Bumped your account so you won’t be limited in posting or messaging.

Welcome, and we apologise in advance for @kook.


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The anodized throne? Just wanted to say I’m not crazy active in the fuckery posts on here but I do enjoy them and I think these are more than fair guidelines.

Thanks Bill and mod team


Thank you to you all for what you do in this community. Without this community and your knowledge, i wouldn’t know how to fix anything related to esk8. A special Thank you to Mike Maner who i always bother when i need help with something or a little guidance on where to go when need to buy something. Thank you Mike for always helping me. Much appreciated. Big :clap::clap::clap: to you all.
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No worries brother, always happy to help.


in that case, what’s the grippiest 6x2 pneummie tire?