Carve PDX 20s Trampa Upgrade

So about 3 weeks before Carve PDX, @Takachi14 @poastoast and @Evwan kind of peer pressured me into making some small upgrades my Trampa build… I’ll keep this short and sweet

Here’s the before:

Before specs:
  • 12s8p P42A
  • 60D (100A motor/100A battery per side)
  • TB6374s
  • BN AT - 5.2 ratio
  • Holypro
  • Trampa Infinity’s on Trampa barrels - inside position front and back

As I rode the board more and more, I got hungry for more torque and speed, I started to hate pelican case, and I felt like I needed to go all out with something brand new for Carve PDX 2022.

So after 2 weeks of constant designing and building, here is the after:


  • 20s4p P42A with the BMS I designed
  • 150kv SKP Reachers
  • MakerX D100 (100A motor/ 100A battery per side)
  • Custom designed enclosures with polycarbonate battery lid
  • 200x75mm Phattys on widened superstars
  • Same 5.2 ratio on the BN-AT for stupid torque
  • New 12v system with capacitive touch switches for the lights


The top speed is now like 50mph, the torque is insane (lots of accidental wheelies) and it even won a drag race against Poast’s 4wd 18s monster.

I’m very happy, except for when the board shredded the tube apart on the first launch in the official race… didn’t even make it around the first corner before I was riding on the rim :sob:


Can confirm, this board fucking rips and he even keeps his bushings stupid loose. Taking turning on a dime to a new level!

That nickel catches the light so well


This has my vote for BOTY 2022 :zap::zap: You guys should see his ride log :flushed: @JoeyZ5 please post it!!!


Nice build. That polycarbonate enclosure is dope.


Must be the first one I’ve heard of anyone using one? I’m guessing you’re happy with that?


He is very. It’s working great


Carve PDX Saturday log


I didn’t have any sensor detection issues, but @glyphiks seemed to get 2 units that would refuse to detect. Though @YUTW123 has said that the cause has been identified and fixed. Only other issue I’ve had is that my Metr UART does not work with it, but the Metr CAN works great.

I’ve been full throttling it, climbing crazy hills, and giving it lots of abuse and with a little bit of airflow it rarely gets above 40C. I’ve had the motors to nearly 100C and the ESC is cool.

Edit: I’m probably the first one here using it, I had it DHL expressed to me right after it came out.


Thanks! I actually used Rustoleum Frosted glass spray paint and a fairly complicated 3D printed stencil to create my logo.

Unfortunately I put some chips/scratches in it today at the pump track :sob:


@JoeyZ5 hit em with the wheel balancing screws. That shit is awesome


The Trampa trucks on this build turn SO well and precise! Really fun build, blows my mind Joey goes so fast on it! He also has the backlash on the drives super precise - the freeroll is insane (even from standstill), and they are actually quiet! No metal clanking, actually as quiet or quieter than my own 3DS helical drives :exploding_head:

A polycarbonate lid on the ESC box would be the only thing I would change on this build. Would complete the look. Also you should show a pic of the motor wire exits - they’re clean!


I really wish I got to try this board… Well I do still have time. Bindings and the fact that you’re regular and I’m goofy makes shit difficult

And yes, confirmed, this thing rips.


Thats like scary power lol good stuff :+1:

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I go away for a couple of years and you’ve all gone completely insane. What an absolute beasty. 20s? Wtf. :joy::joy::sunglasses:


Just found a pic of them:


Wires go right into the bottom of the box, unfortunately my 3D printed wire combs didn’t hold up too well to the 100F Portland heat :hot_face:


20s with high current is insane… thats me pulling ahead in the beginning of the drag race and the current/ramping time wasn’t even set very aggressively yet :grin:


Man this thing is awesome :+1:. Great looks, fantastic power, awesome build.

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So good. It’s the torque you need not the top end imo. Don’t get me wrong the feeling of post 40 is unbelievable but you know something bad is the post :joy:. When you can pull gees uphill then you’re cooking. Awesome build brother.

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Really clean build.

Glad to see builds like this finally catching on.

I have a similar spec board that I built nearly 2 years ago now. It’s the most fun board I’ve ever ridden and also no one else has really ever ridden it. The pull in the mid range is especially insane.

It’s hard to articulate the feeling of low KV and high voltage but it’s got some kind of response that I don’t feel on other builds. I have ridden boards that on paper are much more powerful, even 4wd, but they just don’t have the same snappy feeling.

We really need to follow the EUC and scooter trends and push for higher voltage. Can’t wait for 24s or even 30s/36s boards and the power they will bring.