Car/motorbike Horn on a board?

Has anyone installed a horn on their board wirelessly controlled through their esk8 remote or a seperate wireless remiote?

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A Unique ESC: The Spintend Ubox
^built into remote and ESC
TelTail Lights (TTL) - Interactive eSkate Lighting System
^2 channels remote needed so no FS

insert other DIY


Yeah, u use the spintend ubox with their remote

nah im looking for something more universal have no inteerest in replacing my stormcore + i dought it would even handle 18s

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75-12v converter + Remote relay and you should be golden

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I actually just recently found a motorcycle horn and I am planning on 3d printing a mount on my board for it for fun.

One way to use it remotely is to make your own remote/relay receiver system with a buck converter to bring the voltage down to 12v.

How-to-mechatronics has a good example of a DIY remote/receiver thingy. Maybe an edited version of that? (look up howtomechatronics to find it online)


Welcome to the forum. Did someone say horn ee? :trumpet::metal::smiling_imp::postal_horn::mega:


This inspired me to make this:

It is a 12v remote-controlled relay switch connected to a motorcycle horn - I am working on a case for it atm :slight_smile:

Mainly so I can alert cars when they aren’t paying attention to the side walks but it is fun to scare some people.