Can I use one motor with a Focbox Unity?

Hey everyone, long time since I last posted, hope you’re all well.

I still have my Vanguard and the outer grub screws, that hold onto the shaft, have failed on one of my motors. I wanted to ride it this weekend at the Evolve Hog Hill event here in the UK. Is there any way I can just unplug the bad motor and re-run a normal motor detection? Or does it go deeper than that? I’m completely out of the loop (life happened), so I apologise if I’m being a noob. Thanks in advance!

Never tried this, what happens of you just try it out? Theoretically you should be fine.

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Also why not just replace the grub screw?

I’ve put loctite on everything so I’m waiting for it all to dry :rofl: …And I don’t want to destroy the Unity, or alike. I don’t know. Hopefully someone has experience? :crossed_fingers:t2:

The threads have failed.

Dunno, there’s a super single fw for the unity, which utilizes both sides from the ESC on one motor. That’s a pretty different usecase to your problem though. I don’t see why connecting just one motor would destroy anything, though.

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On the grub screw or the pulley?

Maytech used these pathetic grub screws on the motor cans themselves, to transfer the power through to the shaft - it’s these grub screws that have totally failed.

Yes, you can run one side, just make sure to tape/insulate the other 3 phase wires that are not connected to anything.

Now, i know you can do this using the unity FW on the focbox UI app, but not entirely sure on VESC tool

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Thanks very much for confirming Linford! That’s fine, I still use the UI app as well. :pray:t2:

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Oh your grub screws failed? How often do you forsee yourself removing the pulley in the future? If it’s gonna be permanent-ish, get some green loctite 638/648, clean the motor shaft and the inside of the pulley with alcohol, and smear a decent amount onto the pulley and that’ll be way stronger than grubs.

Ah ok gotcha. If you have the tools you could cut a new thread a number higher into the can. Should be no biggie.

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I don’t have any thread cutting tools currently and don’t have time before tomorrow. But that is another option moving forwards… or maybe just upgrade both motors!:+1:t2:

It’s the motor can grub screws unfortunately - they transfer the power through to the shaft.

Would be a shame to throw a perfectly good motor just because a thread has failed. But yeah, I get the time constrains. If I were you I’d just visit my local home improvement store, because hill climb on a single motor is not going to be fun. :sweat_smile:




Yes u can, even on 23.46 fw


I’ve done it on a xenith without issue.