[CA] [WTS] Many Parts for Sale (complete drive trains, Batteries, BMSs, Unity, Remote, Pulleys, Gbomb, Davega, Metr.Pro, Belts, Hummie Deck, etc)


For those who don’t know me I have a longer history on the other forum. I’ve bought and sold a few things in the both forums before and never had a problem.


Toronto, Canada. These will be good deals for people in Canada since we pay import fees and taxes on most items that are brought from outside, it’s generally a hassle to get stuff here. Would be happy to sell to other Canadians but USA should work as well. (I’m eating the cost of import fee and shipping costs that I paid originally)

Reason for selling

I have too many projects happening in parallel and end up spending too much money. I’m giving up on 2 builds I was doing but I’m not leaving e-skating (I still have 3 boards, 2 of which are DIY), just taking a break from building.


Almost everything here is brand new and never used, if not I will note in the item.


Prices here don’t include shipping. I will do my best to ship the items next day.

Note: I have enough parts here for almost 2 builds, if anyone is interested in bundling a lot of things let me know.

Everything that was already sold has been removed from the Thread


Premium Drivetrain Parts

I also decided to offer it in separate parts, what’s left:

$365 USD / $485 CAD

  • Surfrodz 200mm RKP 50 degrees w/ extended 80mm axel
  • Surfrodz Bearings
  • Janux-esk8 motors arms with crossbars and idlers
  • Surfordz Press Fit mounts

$16 USD / $21 CAD

  • 15T motor pulley:

Torqueboard VESC

Price: $65 USD / $90 CAD (1 LEFT)

Brand new, never been connected to anything.

10s Small Dickyho Charge Only BMS

Price: $20 USD / $27 CAD

New Model of the GBomb DD Bracket (Fiberglass)

This is a deep drop model that just came out: https://www.gbombusa.com/product-page/dd-glass

Price: $100 USD / 130 CAD

Belts, Many belts

There are over 40 belts here. Hoping to sell them all at once to another builder.

Price: $60 USD / $80 CAD



More 15mm


Hey man. If you end up wanting to sell the belts separate, I would like to buy the 285’s. Those are my jams!
I’m in Alberta.

Interested in hummie+batteries+bms. Would you take 400 plus whatever shipping cost to San Diego?

Bms and belts shipping to San Diego, will pay what you asked.

Wait, your in SD?

Omg my bad lol oakland


I used to live in sd

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So far the following has sold:

  • Hummie Deck
  • 12s4p Samsung 30Q NESE
  • 12s BMS
  • 12s Charger
  • 1 Metr pro Module (One still available)
  • 4 x 14T motor pulleys

Everything else still available.

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I know we’ve already talked but pming you about the budget drivetrain and a torqueboarda vesc.

If you end up parting out the Complete Premium Drivetrain, I’m interested in the silver TB 6380’s.

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I would rather sell the entire thing, but if I can’t I will do that. Someone else is interested in the trucks, motor arm and press fit mounts. Stay tuned

Interested in a metr Pro! I pm’d ya

If you decide to part out the basic drive train, I’d love the 107s

I never got your PM

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Just sent another lol

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Thanks. Too many PMs, I’m getting lost :joy:

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New Update. So far the following is sold:

  • Hummie Deck
  • 12s4p Samsung 30Q NESE
  • 12s BMS
  • 12s Charger
  • 2 Metr pro modules
  • 4 x 14T motor pulleys
  • Budget Complete Drivetrain
  • 1 TB VESC (still have 1 left)
  • 1 Davega (1 Left)

Everything else still available.

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Ooooooo I live in the same city as @stratoglide! Slide those 285mm belts in his envelope!!!

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Willing to buy the Surfrodz trucks right meow.

Just look at how badly this red clashes with my build.

Think of the good you’d be doing…


A lot of interest on the Surfrodz and the mounts, I will split the premium drivetrain soon because the place where I bought the ABEC 11 107mm not too long ago will take it back at full refund, but will probably not sell just the trucks. Since you are in the US why don’t you buy from Surfrodz directly? Here in Canada they cost an extra $100 to get :cry: