A123 26650 cells. These are like new and 97.5% capacity. I bought way too many. I’ll sell for a buck each for anything over 50 cells

If you don’t know these cells they’re in a class of their own: high power, super fast charging, great flat discharge curve, indestructible

I got them used from batteryhookup for more than I’m selling for and I also put my time, sweat, and blood into extracting them.

Message me.

I could weld u a battery too. Rather just add tabs

These are the same cells just newer label:


These dont care about the cold whatsoever, right?

A dollar each?

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I think they’re the best chemistry for the cold

Yea a freegin buck each. Buy a thousand and I’ll ship for free.


Is this holes on the bottom from removing the spot welds?

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Not holes into the cell! But yes from removing nickel strip welded on

im broke asf but how much for a 1000wh battery?


14s9p gives you 1008Wh @ 3.3v nominal, $126USD + shipping.


You sure those aren’t holes? I have also recycled these cells, and I’m fairly certain that it’s a hole straight through the positive end.

The positive ends on these cells are very thin, I set aside the 10 or so that I made holes in while removing nickel

That is a THICC battery, especially with these cells - that price is hard to argue with though if you have space


Agreed, but the man said he wanted 1kWh, so eh?

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Yeah I’m not sure if he knows how different 1kwh of p42a vs these 26650 cells looks like physically lol

I built a 12s6p out of these and it was huge lol


Horrendous space wise but you really can’t beat the $ / wh (especially for $1 / cell)


Yeah for real, my m8 gets around 20 miles at least on the 12s6p of these, so I’m sure a 14s9p could easily do 25 to 30 miles


And lasts like 4000 cycles possibly.

All the cells I’ve gotten have been good other than one. The bottom of the cells I find especially thick and need more current to weld than the top

I wonder if these would make sense in funwheels. That might be a market in which you could not only recoup your costs, but earn a fair bit as well

I mean, surely you can beat this price lol


i think my motor and esc can only take 10s max so the battery needs to be 36v, also its for a mountain board with battery box on top so a boxy shape is better

i got 115$ in my bank account hook me up :laughing:

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What esc? The motor is surely ok w the higher voltage unless spinning a million rpm.
But I’ll sell them to u message me.
@rusins if only I could find those folks who are interested.

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single 6374 motor and single trampe mkv, been working on it for a while


U can do up to at least 50v safely w that esc. Even 13s n 55v peak within ion seems commonly used with those escs.

idk i dont wanna stress them too much cuz i cant replace them right now but which configuration is cheaper