Bustin Sportster - Loaded Unlimited hubs - Unity

Subject: [US] Bustin Sportster

Feeling out if anyone near Austin Texas would be interested, too lazy at this point to ship.
Built last year and has done less than 20 miles.

New - Loaded unlimited hubs with 77a Orangatang sleeves
New - 2 pairs of 77a Orangatang Sleeves
New - Orangatang Caguama front wheels
wheels and sleeves Fit Dyed dark green
New - Sportster with EBoards Peru enclosure
FocBox Unity - was on previous set up, done less than 100 miles total
Flipsky VX1
12s3p with Samsung 25rs built by me
Paris 50 degree trucks

Rides super smooth, quiet and doesn’t feel like a tank, sits low and coasts more like a skateboard.

$850 pick up in Austin, Texas,
any questions holla at me


Damn, pretty clean build! GLWTS!


This is a great beginner board


i see sensor wires…how?


the photo of the enclosure was from when i had NeoHubs on it, nicely spotted!

Loaded hubs don’t have sensors eh?

Theoretically you can install sensores in every motor you want.


how is this running with 12s?

I’d have considered it if you are shipping.

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Have a look at the battery diagram in the pics above

Dibs on the wheels if it gets parted out

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Man this is a steal for such a fun build. I would love to take this if i had the spare cash

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Somebody in Austin better pick this up. This is a good deal for a beautiful build.

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Are these the hubs that do the endless ride kinda like mellow? Or only with their esc?

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I think that needs their esc to work


This is literally a pile of discounted parts that I have uses for.
I ain’t dropping dibs or anything, but if it’s still available when my spare cash supply can cover it, I will convince you to ship. Any interested buyers have about a week n a half.
@Venom121212 I have a flat on the intended board right now, but I’m free all week, so I’m gonna do a test this week. I’m pretty sure with dual trigger, and like, let’s say 60 or 120 second negative ramp, any board will behave close enough to mellow endless ride.


so whats the verdict? Neo hubs vs loaded?

@abusfullofnuns neat little hub build for the kids

I’ve tried this and it only half way works as expected. I call it peanut butter throttle.

Neo are pretty good, definitely a big improvement in ride from what i know (Wowgo, Verreal, it’s a low standard :wink:
Loaded feel smoother, more solid, maybe a little bit more power.
I went for the Loaded as one of the Neo has a fraction of side to side play, i need to shim that or more than likely sell them.

Non scientific feels gauge:
Caguamas work best for me - 100%
Loaded - 80%
Neo - 71%


what vesc settings do you have for these motors?