Bustin Sportster Hybrid v3 - New Changes

I am working on a Sportster build ATM and I occasionally check out the Bustin website for sales. I noticed today that their latest Sportster Hybrid v3 comes with a CNC cutout and a re-enforced deck.

I wonder if we will be able to buy deck/enclosures separately. It looks super thin from the profile view.

I am still happy to finally have an Eboosted MKII Enclosure that will hold a much larger battery, but I understand the appeal of an ultra-thin and lightweight board.

I also found it interesting that they are talking up a new Samsung 30Q variant (30QT-6). People on the flashlight forums have discussed them but I am curious to hear what @Battery_Mooch has to say about these compared to the original 30Qs for our application.


It’s a QT I hear


$20 for 2 cells from Vapcell. Batteries are getting really expensive, really fast.


I haven’t tested them yet but a version change is typically just a small change in raw performance. It might have better cycle life though.


Yes, I asked them directly. Unfortunately they quoted me $350/pc with no quantity discounts available.

I feel like the eBoosted enclosure + a raw Sportster Deck is a much better value.


:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: wow. Still yet to step foot on a sportster, definitely on the wishlist.


It’s my absolute favorite longboard deck atm.

I have a stock analog setup for my neighborhood go-to


I’m super pumped to have one of these ordered for delivery to New Zealand. Have been watching this thread for a while

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Hey, keen to hear your experience with this board? Not too many reviews and might be looking to order to NZ too.

How did you find it?


Hey there. It’s worked out great for me. I had a few teething issues with the older version BMS, but Bustin were on point. They sent a new battery with the updated BMS and it hasn’t missed a beat.
The board rides really well. Super stable - even at top speed it feels really planted. I’ve also got a set of 120mm Cloudwheels, which are great for a different feel and experience.