Bustin sportster eBoardsPeru enclosure gap.

I’m working on my first build and decided on the bustin sportster with a haggy drive.
Wanted something smaller than my kaly to ride to work.
My question is this, I was a bit surprised by the gap on the enclosure and Alan suggested I make a gasket. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about it?
Pictures are attached, it seems the board is resting on a wire in the pack.
The side with the red wire is the one with the gap. If I really clamp it it’s close but I’m worried about the pressure on the wire.

Thanks for any thoughts on how to address this.

If your battery is too thick then it’s too thick…so 6" wheels and the Sportster do not play nice


You can put some foam between the deck and enclosure to space it out a bit

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What Gasket do you use for your enclosures

oh that is not as helpful as I remember

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Are you saying the battery is two thick as a separate issue? I am surprised the board is resting on the pack.
I have seen the haggy drive with 6inch in the sportster.
First build so maybe I botched it.

There should be some air gap between the battery and the deck when the enclosure is sealed, that way you can add a layer of foam or velcro that will keep the battery from moving around too much but still giving enough flexibility to move with the deck. If the wires are holding up the deck when the enclosure is on a riser then it’s definitely chunkier than it should be. You can add risers or spacers but there is a limit on that, and if you only have foam for too much then it can damage the battery when you bottom out on something

In terms of the wheel bite it depends on the truck, but some simply don’t work. I use 220mm hangers on Caliber clones and they have bad wheel bite when I top mount using the farthest holes so just be careful. If you turn sharp while at speed and the wheel touches the deck it will lock up the wheel and you will go flying without warning

If you can redo the battery in a way that the wires sit lower that would be ideal, otherwise you might be able to transfer the high spots by using a layer of craft foam taped to the deck and letting it sit for a while then use a router (or files, chisels, rotary tool) to make a little pocket in those spots without ruining the structural integrity of the board

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Thanks for the answer! Alan suggested I make a 3 MM gasket.

Hopefully I can work it out, its custom
For that board so hopefully I can.

Do you have a link for what you would use?

3M foam tape maybe? those are easy to find and cheap to replace if needed

Seems like it needs to be denser so
It holds the shape a bit more so it raises the enclosure. Thinking maybe I need a piece of rubber flooring?

I would highly recommend checking if you can reduce the batt in height. By rerouting wires it might be done.
These kind of enclosure gap solutions never end well.

Here you go. This is some rubber I used to cut my own gasket. It is a very thick rubber almost like tire rubber. It will keep its shape and is .125" which is .292mm so exactly what you want.


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would sugest hard rubber sheet, 4-5mm, 30mins of work, i just super glue it to the lip, foam sucks a bit.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and links!

foam sucks…

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P5VEQ3G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_vDpCFb7638RJ2 something like this, no compression

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could you replace the wire with flat braid?

Problem is this is my first build so I don’t really wan to touch what was done at eBoardsPeru

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Just use a rubber gasket then, foam will be too soft to hold the deck away from the battery

I think I am in good order with this.
Looks good with one layer but considering two for breathing room.
I’ll post pictures when it’s done.

Solid Neoprene Rubber Strips Roll 1/8 (.125) inch Thick X 1 inc… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WR1WG72/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_i_R3YOFb3TAD1D2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1