Bushings alternative

Hi everyone, am i the only tired by change my bushings and trucks every month ?

bushings lifetime is about 50/80km, infinity truck about 2/300km, im not a crazy freerider with a high ride level, only ride cool on mountain paths, complete board is 17kg, rider 75kg with full equipment, 2x6s 16A lipo so i have 20km range, no big hiking.

Im ok its a wearing part but its gonna be expensive and boring to change every week.

I’m looking for the news 3D trucks but its a lot of money im ready to invest after the first reviews, is there a temporary solution for an other bushing style ?

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some trucks you have barrrels or springs (look at trampa) and eitherway i dont think they should be wearing so fast unless your doing something wrong

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I test many “mounting style” with different washers, different bushings thickness, i try with new trampa trucks out of the box and straight axay on the board, same problem so i don’t think the problem came from me.

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maybe not have you tried these sort of trucks
TRAMPA - ATB Spring Trucks (trampaboards.com)

also @Andy87 and some others probably know more then me about mountainboarding

He has problems with exactly this kind of trucks you linked.
It’s a common issue.
Not for me so far… not sure why thou… maybe I’m just ignoring it and ride with fucked plastic parts :joy:

Calling @rich as we was playing around with some metal bushings a while back.
Don’t remember if that worked out thou.


You? Ignoring a problem? Noooooooo!


ah ok sorry dont know mtb trucks

I feel like an oil impregnated Bronz bushings might last longer. Should be really easy to make with just a lathe

Not sure of your required dimensions, but something like this is what I mean: https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/product_info.php?products_id=120711&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQiAuJb_BRDJARIsAKkycUl4PFIU9F-YmE5fbZetIoTrbQ7O_1-4xvj9-7dUfsYrzXurvATcsuQaAj_iEALw_wcB


Why do you always post useless information about stuff you don’t even know.
Almost every thread I read has some random shit from you.


Great idea, i have tried with 2 on my rear truck (the one who have the most hardlife) and same problem, the bushing exploded in 80kms

@Andy87 i can’t ignore it, that sound horrible (alloy on steel) and kill a 150€ truck in few kilometers, i try it once and don’t want to retry


I‘m confident 2021 will bring some options which will solve this problem for all time…


Wish youre right

You really should try the @3DServisas trucks. Quality is unreal, and bearings to make axial loads much more manageable and make you feel your bushings (the barrel bushings) way better.


Yeaaaah ! Look gorgeous !

Do you buy it only for the rear or front too ?
Don’t know if my gear drive fit on, same profile as infinity ?

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Then don’t recommend things you don’t know about


These look really neat, I bet they feel super smooth

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I believe they have the same profile as trampa infinity, yes! I will send you measurements to double check

How much are they? I thought there were about £500 a pair?

The hanger profile is 20x20mm, identical to non-CNC variant of Trampa hangers. Everything, as usual, is already written in the store description of products.


I just went to see, thanks, i think its ok with my geardrive, machined trampa/etoxx trucks are 21mm square.

How are they in hard condition ? The hanger’s bearing looks great but how react the baseplate’s bushing ? Look like there are 2 bushings , black and yellow ?

I think i will wait riders reviews before spent 600euros in a pair of trucks, if it solve the problem i would be happy to go with them