Builds 3&4 - Chaos and Serenity - Twin Bustin Sporsters | 12s4p | 6368 190kv

Back in December 2021, I decided to build out an esk8 for my lady so we could ride together whenever we visited. I decided to source out enclosures to find a deck I thought would work for her. I love the feel of my Demonseed and wanted something with similar curves only shorter, so after browsing through what was readily available I settled on the Bustin Sporster 35" deck with an enclosure from eboosted. I already had a Stormcore 60d+, SR RKP trucks and custom motor mounts that I didn’t use for the Demonseed, so figured this would be a quick build.

I reached out to @A13XR3 to get info on a battery and as luck would have it he had a deck, enclosure(MKIII), battery, Unity and vx1 remote he was willing to part with. Jackpot. Banggood was also doing one of their $38 flipsky motor sales about that time so like the good little addict I ordered a few. Double jackpot.

I wound up bolting everything together and gave it a test run to see what I might want to change up before finalizing the build for my lady. Yea, that was a mistake. I really liked the deck. Your feet lock in and you can really feel the road nicely on thane. And I had this stormcore still, plus another two identical motors. So… January I was messaging Alex again for another battery, this time for a MKIV enclosure that could house the stormcore on a heatsink.

I had designed the fabric for her deck around her favorite colors (black, red and silver) and her love of tree frogs and gnomes. For my deck I remembered a random conversation on here where I commented on needing to make a Firefly/Serenity deck, so designed up the fabric for that. These two decks are my first skin jobs and I’m happy with how they turned out. I also designed up some 3d printed parts to house the Teltail lights and an external loopkey, plus some aluminum plates for mounting buttons and charge ports. At some point during the build I lost the vx1 remote and replaced it with a vx1pro.

I’m quite happy with how everything turned out for builds 3&4 and I love getting text messages with metr links to my lady’s lunch time rides.

Part list and pics below…

Chaos (Hers)

Bustin Sporster 35"
Eboosted MKIV enclosure
12S4P P42A battery w/smart bms
2xFlipsky 10mm 6368 190kv
Stormcore 60d+
Surfrodz 176mm RKP
Custom motor mounts
Eovan Mini AT155 Wheels
L-faster 6X2 Tires
60T wheel pulleys
15T motor pulleys
Metr can
Teltail lights
Flipsk VX1 Pro

Serenity (His)

Bustin Sporster 35"
Eboosted MKIII enclosure
12S4P P42A battery
2xFlipsky 10mm 6368 190kv
Focbox Unity
Surfrodz 176mm RKP
Custom motor mounts
Torgueboards 100mm 74a wheels
44T wheel pulleys
15T motor pulleys
Metr bt
Teltail lights
Maytech waterproof remote



Is that a frog loop key? :smile:

Awesome builds! Is your wife’s build not experiencing wheelbite btw?


Thank you! Yea I made her a few different color frog loopkeys and a Serenity one for mine.

No wheel bite with the 6" tires even with my fat ass leaning hard on it. Anything bigger than 6" would definitely bite though

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