Building own 10S2P for MEEPO Boards with P42s-Need Help!

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a diagram on how to spot weld the 10S2Ps (stacked). Don’t want to pay $300 from Meepo and just want to build my own for now. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance all and stay safe riding!

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please check this thread:


Yes. All of it. For real.

And if you’ve never built one before, and your goal is to save money…then you’re likely not going to save money.

The proper equipment and materials add up and get expensive. Cheaping out and skipping on safety and build quality would lead to a less than ideal battery.

If you’re only needing one battery for your board, there are battery builders here that can make one for you. And a 10s2p wouldn’t likely be very expensive.

Which Meepo is this for?


I’ve built a 10S4P before via sketches on the forum. I do have all the equipment but I just need reference sketches. If it was flat, it would be simple since many are flat packs. But the Meepo Mini 2 in this case (same as others V3/NLS) is stacked. I don’t want to rip apart my current battery just to “Copy” it. If you catch my drift!

Well if you’re replacing it, then I would absolutely open it up. Frankly, you’d probably only have to take the shrink wrap off to see the layout and not have to go much beyond that.


Hey man! Check out my battery building services thread. I put photos of my 10s2p P42A meepo battery that I built on there.

I have more pics if you need them too. It was only my 3rd battery that I built, so there is room for improvement in terms of battery quality. It should be a good reference for a layout though.

I have another one of BMS that I used as well if you need it. It’s new.

And I’m thinking of selling the battery. You can take it apart and rebuild it as it wasn’t the best battery I’ve built. Sold as is.


I would definitely recommend checking out the battery builders thread and many YouTube videos as it seems like you do not have the fundamental knowledge required to build a battery pack. Knowledge is power. Learn the basics of electricity before you start meddling in it. Ohms law is real!


If you know what you’re doing, you should be able to figure out the configuration from measurements, but mine look like this

That being said, built like this its a little too big. I need to either run the battery cables in the channel between 2 cells or use braid to run up the side of the pack.


Thanks everyone who replied. Truly appreciate it. My 1st build was OK but my battery is still running strong after 2-3 years (LG HG2). I discovered that after that 10S4P pack, I changed out the BMS to the bluetooth 10S (bypassed discharging), my pack ran SO MUCH better. I think the cheap BMS that I’ve used previously caused many headaches! So for everyone that starting to DIY your packs, please get one of those BT BMSs’. My series are all within .003-.005V of one another! I’m not a hardcore rider and like to cruise rather get seriously hurt. Although I think sometimes going over 30MPH is an awesome rush. I feel that my MINI 2 needs to have less battery sag so that’s what makes me want to make my own ER type pack. Will keep everyone posted on my build if anyone’s interested in a beginner/dummy build.


Check out the aviator thread for pics on how not to do it.


In a way, yeah, lol

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