Building a Dual Outrunner - Suggestions Needed

Hello all,

Winter is here and ive been looking to make a basic dual outrunner 6355 build. for short commuting using old parts laying around.

Looking for help finding Decent motor mounts to be mounted reversed under the deck with support Bars ideally also with belt covers
in addtion looking for a good set of trucks to match. Have a bunch of Call II about but considering going for Call II 44 for the Rake and tall bushings.

For a Deck i’ll most likey use a Loaded cantellated Tessy on 90mm kegals


A good build, I have the same deck and trucks but with a single 6374 instead. I made my own mount, but people seem to like Torqueboards, Boardnamics and Dickyho.

For pulleys check out Savage1, you will need a Boardnamics 184mm hanger with any press fit pulley.

I agree with the rest of your reccos though :+1:


Flipsky are the go to recommendation for motors (not much else, just motors) because they’re cheap, rugged, and generally slightly bigger stators than the alternatives.

They occasionally go for crazy cheap on Banggood, the only big discount there at the moment is this set with trucks and wheels so probably not what you’re looking for

Ditch the cast caliber II’s and get some @boardnamics


What’s the disadvantage of cast? I did switch from caliber to BN a while ago but just so I could put bigger motors on a 220mm, curious about the difference

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Not as strong, axels are a little to short, and not as accurate.


I was wondering why the inside of my drivewheel was wearing faster than the outside on my caliber ii, turns out…

Time for a BD hanger


Yeah the short axles were a royal pain, didn’t know about the strength

Aside from the non-existant customer service and general no fucks given attitude, it’s hard to deny that he mostly makes some good stuff.

Thank you, any point in going gear drive? or belts sufficent? I do have a single 6374 thought going 2 would be better though more enegry consumed possibly.

Depends on budget I guess. Belts are a low cost option that work fine and I like the ability to change gearing easily, but they do break occasionally…

I mean I do prefer 180-184mm, even 160mm is fine narrow is agile but i see the point that youd need clearance would go bare minumum to keep trucks as narrow while keeping in dual configuraion

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Yup. I have a 6374 tesseract build on caguamas and cal 2. Axle bent where cut back for pulley bearing. Recommend BN hangers, get a shorter one if it will fit your motors, regular width cal2 seems a lil bit wide on the deck.

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Torqueboards was good at one time; this isn’t that time.

Torqueboards stuff is like HQD disposable vapes. Excellent. Works wonderful. Right up until it dies, and you have to buy a new one.

The difference is, one of those products is LABELED as disposablr.