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Hi all!

Im fairly new here, and new to the DIY ESK8 community. I hope I posted in the correct category for my inquiry.

I’m looking to build a SUPER fast Trampa HS11 board. I’ve got just about all the parts planned out but was questioning some of the power of some of the parts. I’m curious to know if the gear ratio will burn out any of my parts. Will the VESC handle the 220kv motors and gear ratio? Maybe some one can give me some guidance.

The parts picked:
Maytech 6374 220kv closed motor x2
Dual Focbox Unity (Also considering x2 Maytech 200a with Aluminum Heat Sink)
12S8P Samsung 30q 3000mah (Considering 12S4P to save on space and weight)
Trampa Pro Belt Drive motor Mount & Gear
22T pulley 44T wheel drive pulley 2:0 (Also Considering 15T 44T)
Trampa Gummies (125mm)
I’m about 130lbs also.

I could really use some advice.


I fear you might have underwhelming torque. The smaller wheel diameter may help.

220kv motors are more speed inclined vs torque and so is the gearing ratio you chose.

For reference, I’m running 15:72 ratio, 200mm tires, and 200kv motors and find the torque to be good but not great.


What kind of ride would it be with “underwhelming torque”? I am aiming for speed but still a bit fuzzy on how torque can help me. (I’m sorry maybe I should’ve posted in the noob questions as im still a noob)

Not super exciting acceleration, losing a lot of speed on hills

I’d check out some other builds using trampa platforms and gummies and see what their setups looked like and what the feedback was.

Although I haven’t seen many good reviews of the gummies :grimacing:


Would the Focbox Unity run properly If I went with a 15T and 44T with dual 220kv motors?

Gummies will probably dissapoint too…


Yep, the esc doesn’t care too much about your drive train, mostly the battery I.e. How many amps you’re pulling is the limit.

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It is a strange set up…If I where you, probably would read more, spend some time learning, and then spend the money…If you live in a hilly area, or the way you ride…for how long are you planning to ride each time…the use you are planning to give your build… and of course, your budjet…

I live in Las Vegas. ZERO hills on my daily commute with nice paved roads. Traveling around 15miles round trip to work and back. Sometimes a little cruising on weekends or after work but not much further than 20 miles one way for any cruise. ALSO weather here is usually 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily which is something i’m not sure if I have to factor in when using sealed motors…

I’m used to high speed on a snowboard reaching speeds of 50mph on a mountain for 8 hours a day as I work at a Ski Resort so riding for long period of times is something I do on average and am used too.(but know it’s a tad bit different on a board with motors and pavement. :sweat_smile: )

Budget is no concern. I do understand it’s a strange setup which is why I’m asking for suggestions/opinions on this particular build.

This is my opinion…12s8p will run cooler, your weather it is too hot (I have been in Las Vegas, streets are so hot that I could not even ride a motorcycle), so that makes me think about the ESC, the better you get, the better will work under hi temp conditions (Vesc6, the new TB Esc for example)…Also I would ride oneumatics, more speed, more comfortable, more clearense from the high temp streets…A mig motors like TB6380 will vent the hit away in a much better way, and big it is great against heat…I also use to snowboard a lot, like a fucking lot and going fast as hell…this it is not hte same at all…it is way better tu use the calculator to get the best balanced board for what you are looking for… hope it helps… (also deck option with bindings and heal straps is a good idea if you like to ride like snowboarding, thats what I do)


Welcome :grin:

your main problem is 100° Fahrenheit which is sizzling hot. Every motor I had got too hot within 10-25 minutes riding even at a bit lower temperature. The only way is to decrease motor amps and/or ride like a girl or having breaks. You should also think about additional hestsinks for the ESC’s.

No and double no in the desert.

If you want to go with 220kv motors I would suggest 13T-44T with Gummies which is about 35mph top speed. If this is too slow after a while you can change from 13T to 15T for 40mph or 16T for 43mph.

I have the 220kv Maytech’s on my MTB and actually they get 140° Fahrenheit hot at 68° F outside temperature only. The vesc starts thermal throtteling at 185° F just to keep this in mind. Also thermal throtteling can throw you off the board in worst case.

Like others said you might consider pneumatics.
Gummies = snowboarding on ice.
Pneumatics = powder :metal:


This was the best answer for me to understand (in snowboarding terms :joy:) Makes perfect sense now. Thank you Rich!

Seems like this heat is going to be my biggest problem. Maybe I should go with the Maytech 6374 190kv open enclosure motor (With red housing) and install a heat sink for the Focbox. (Maybe I should even create ventilation ports in the enclosure. (It rains one week per year here in Vegas so water damage isn’t a much of a concern)


you want as much thermal mass as possible, so mount to a nice big slab of aluminium and expose that to airflow outside of your enclosure


I actually did some calculations for the heatsinks I’m making and thought I might share here…
I wont sharts it up and post fukn graphs and equations n shit but I will say that in the size area of a slightly-larger-than-average esc setup, you can get anywhere from 100-150 ish watts of cooling from a chunk of aliminum exposed to air… Even better with some mild finns on the surface.
Depending on current and efficiency your thermal energy from the esc will vary, but it should be pretty below 150 watts methinks…


How fast do you want to go?

Yes! Please let me add thermal paste works great for transfering heat to the aluminium sink faster, use it with my set up…

For this build what type of ESC would someone recommend? I can’t decide between the focbox or Maytech 200a with aluminum heat sink housing.