Budget helmets....I know I know

then learn to land right :joy: jkjk.

bag’s help too…

if it weren’t for my bag during my crash i would have definitely hit my helmet…


Damn barely a scratch it looks like

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And also:

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But like actually how do you fall and not get hurt? I’ve taken 2 falls, one not a scratch and the other left 9 places leaking blood, exact same riding technique

Fall on your bag and keep your head up/foward. And you won’t get hurt

It’s going against you natural instinct to not fall backwards :joy:

So you wanna land on your ass? :thinking:

Well your back. (On your bag)

Landing on your ass works too if you had some jeans

Hmm, what if you only have a t-shirt? I got a laptop worth as much as my board I keep on my back and I’d like to keep it

Well I only had a t-shirt and thin shorts lol

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Fair enough lol, I keep landing on my side

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Bruh your hospital bill is def worth more than whatever in your bag :laughing::upside_down_face:


But like i don’t wanna buy a new laptop :sob: I’m still a shallow little bitch

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Why are you riding fast with stuff in your bag anyways?

The main reason I have a bag is for protection :joy:

Zooming around campus, I need a computer to run CAD and coding software

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I use $40 moped helmets on ebay. They are rated for much higher speeds than i go and after disassembling one, they seem pretty good tbh

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Full face or no? Any links to these? I need an alternative to my motorcycle helmet, will get the pass next year but not much left of this season for me.


SixSixOne Reset MIPS Helmet Geo Blorange, S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MR3DGVV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_UhqxDb7DMXAPW

Put your laptop in a Tupperware casserole dish. Takes 99% of the impact off the electronics. I used one of the air foam fitting shipping things to get a glove fit inside.

@Alpacaslapper, as far as helmet recommendations, I’ve had the triple eight invader and demon podium and strongly prefer the demon podium. It’s currently high 80s to mid 90s and I’ve had no issues with it breathing well.

Plus it makes you super cute.


I keep coming back to this bell sanction, looks sweet and super under budget.

I’ll keep looking for a few days, maybe someone has input on this exact helmet. But I’m thinking this is a the winner

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