| Buddy’s Board | 12s4p p42a | MBS Warren Pro 97 | 2wd, OG focbox | Matrix II trucks

| Buddy’s Board | 12s4p p42a | MBS Warren Pro 97 | 2wd, OG focbox | Matrix II trucks

This is the thing.
-mbs warren 97 pro deck, goofy setup, no heel straps.
New street kendas , red blocks rear, orange front.

Klause rode this without the shock block adjustment screws in the board. Not present at all, lol wtf.

170kv, dual rear maytech, 6390 whatever, they are lacroix motors but, 170kv. 16 or 15t motor pulley to 72t wheel, 200mm tires.

I designed and printed multiple parts for this build. I’ll put the files here when I finally ship.


Reserved for 3d printer fat rail stuff

Reserved for printed stomp pads

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Reserved for enclosure prints and misc.

Lol wtf indeed

You’s need a price on the listing sir.

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Titanium fasteners I heat anodized. I’ve tried electrochemical anodizing, but meh.

How what can I do to seal these?

For the davega


Im not sure the board has actually been ridden. It was sitting in my garage for like 2 years after he bought it. Then he took it to @Arzamenable


@Skunk , you might be amused to learn that the belts are ‘420’.


Ill never forget my belt size lol


never owned one but that thing looks like it would melt a focbox

Oh fuck, I forgot,

Anyway, motors turn, resurrected long dick mini remote powered by a molicel 21700.

I needed this win. I was paralyzed from hours (for days and weeks) of sub mm adjustments on CAD models that never mattered… but could matter if you add up 10 of them in one design.

You can sit and tinker in software and stroke your indoor, big brain with soft fingertips and that project will only exist in the cloud.

I’d rather do a dirty build that rides with zero aesthetics and get negative likes, only to refine later.

I think me and bill can agree on something.


The board looks amazing dude.
Cant wait to ride it. Loving the black and white look. I used to have a sticker of the top deck graphic, ill have to remember who made it and get another sized to fit the battery box.

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Looking those (missing) adjustment screws reminds me of K2-SO


Fun fact:



I’m done now. I was super unimpressed by dual focboxes with safe limits. I was stuck. Whoever said, “focboxes with that? Are you sure about that?” You were right. I remember them being so much faster.

I am disappoint.

Put in spintend v1, connected davega, got OCD with wiring, all orange blocks. Printed some weird stuff no one asked for or needs.

Board in box this weekend, mail Monday. If the hurricane gets us moist out here, I’ll stay indoors and post all the dumb STL files no one needs.

Permaban me if I don’t post shipping label Monday.



You really earn that title bud. Thanks for being extra and through with something that you really weren’t obligated to do.
Ill shoot you my address

Can’t wait to ride.