Broke my deck any recommendations?

I like the shape of this doubledrop but I have no idea what it was and need something a bit sturdier.

I weight about 170 plus a 14 pound secondary battery.

not doing any jumps or going off curbs just went over some rough paved train tracks for a couple weeks



@hummieee sells some really sturdy double drop decks and had some good prices recently iirc.

Not sure if you’re open to reconfiguring the battery or not but it also has a shallow cutout underneath it for sleekness.


Nice! Does he have a store/site or just contact him?

He’ll likely post here next time he logs on and sees that I tagged him. Feel free to shoot him a PM too.


Buy my ride!!


I’m selling a complete, but I was JK.

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a stronger one

Exactly, a hybrid? composite and wood?

sorry I was being a cheeky shit - have you tried a mountain board ? built for flex and taking a hit

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not yet, trampa has a flat deck but no drop down and im not ready to change trucks/drive stuff

A Landyachtz Switchblade is a popular choice for DIY if you like double-drops. They’re built pretty stiff for speed, so they hold up well for the stresses of electric. I feel the ground clearance is a bit tight on them for under-slung enclosures, but seeing as you’re top mounting, it might be a good bet.


+1 for LY Switchblade. Will work well with double kingpin trucks.

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Not a double drop but a very big drop down, the Landyachtz Evo has 9/10/11 plies depending on which model you get. Not sure which one I have but it’s thick, strong as hell, and anecdotally I haven’t seen issues with strength on any of them


I have the 11ply, pretty sure you can run over it with a car and nothing would happen. STOUT.


Mines 9 or 10 I believe, but I’ve got a battery pocket in the bottom routed out, bout 2 ply deep. Still feels rock solid, I don’t feel the need to reinforce it even with that done.


LY makes some pretty legit decks.

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Yeah I’ve had 3 or 4 over the years. Them and sector 9 were the most popular brands for longboarders round here. I miss my sector nine kicktail cruiser T.T had it like 8 years before a truck ran over it and almost my leg.


Same. EVOs are fucking thiiiiicccc.