Bringing the Boosted 105 back!

These are the 105 MAD wheels. Unfortunately production stopped after Boosted when out of business. I loved the ride so much I wanted to bring them back to the ESK8 community. They are identical to the original Boosted 105 wheels. Same manufacturer. Same super grippy 72a urethane. Same holes in the back to provide shock absorption. The only difference is the lower price. $129. Vic at Verreal has helped me communicate with the manufacturer in China and is assisting with shipping the wheels to me in the US. They will be available in 2-3 months at For those who cannot wait, they are now available at The ones I sell from the US will not have the Verreal logo.



You can get a matching set of 40t kegel pulleys from Verreal. I have not tested those, I will be selling the 40t Boardnamic kegel pulleys for those that need pulleys for their wheels.

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So it’ll be the re-re-re-vival of the boosted wheels?


Huh. I never rode boosted 105’s, but they did seem pretty nice. I like this color scheme, too. Might sand off all that writing on the edge if I get some. I do have a question, though; I love the look of the one sided core, but would that prevent the use of certain drivetrains with longer kegel pins? I imagine they would not fit properly on tbdd’s for example, and bolt on pulleys are certainly out of the question without drilling through, which would probably be fine but still seems a bit sketchy to me.

I can check using my ol shitty grey boosted wheels when I get home, actually.


Acetone :+1:

I recently used the boosted 105s and although i haven’t got much ride time on them, I do like them. They’re grippy and not bouncy, and don’t seem to deform as much as I would have expected with all the holes in them.

The thing I love most about them is how light they are. Good to see they are available again!


This is awesome. I was able to get a set from Boosted when first released, they have seen numerous boards and so many miles. The grip is the best for racing with Urathane.


I was just gonna use my finest grit on my orbital for like one full second xD I don’t mind the verreal logo, but they WOULD look really clean straight blacked out with that “solid” core. Now I’m sitting here wondering how long acetone would take to disappear a skate wheel…

Goo off also works well. I had a test set with no logos and it looked clean!

Are they HTD5M?

could any one help me with a comparison of how these are compared to TB 110 72a???

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Are these wheels kegel core, or clone kegel cores? How close are the pin sizes to Orangatang Kegel cores?

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My boosted pulleys fit all plastic cores, and the metal cores on my flash airless, but NOT my infinity hubs, which leads to me thinking all boosted cores run a little larger, but idk.

try BN / 3DS / savage1 pulleys, if they fit, then its true kegel holes

I have very few pulleys; would m1 drive work?
Not that it would necessarily be the same from grey boosted wheels to boosted 105’s to these anyways?

assuming m1 drive pins are same as its brother, then u can also use that.
out of the 3 “brand” pulleys, i rate them as below for how true (tight) to kegel hole they are:

savage1 > 3ds > bn

but the difference between savage1 and bn isn’t even noticeable if u r using true kegel core, only if the core have straight wall, something like infinity hub, then u can feel there is a difference.

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Can confirm they fit the bn m1 drives very nicely. Not too tight, no noticeable slop



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I can. I have ridden both extensively. The shock absorption is what makes the MAD wheels waaaay better than the TB110. Makes the ride more comfortable and cornering much safer feeling.