Bring out your dead! Motors that is! :D


Anyone got some dead motors they want to dump? Not looking to fix and resell, just play with.

What’s a good price for a dead motor?

Am in US


I have a few laying around. Are you looking for anything specific or just a random assortment of broke ass junk :slight_smile:.

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Please tell me you’re making a Frankenstein 63500 from all the bits


yep. random junk.

Plan is this.

I want to start measuring/cataloging a wide variety of motors to see what’s actually inside these guys, and want to get a picture of how they fail. Is there a common failure thread?

I took apart a bunch of motors the other day and differences were surprising. Retaining rings vs no ring, stators of differing sizes on similar sized motors. That sort of thing.

Also, want to practice hardening motor cans. I did 5 last night, but didn’t get good pictures. Technique seems to be everything, and I’m learning that I may want to do the next batch slightly differently. To do this I need donor cans. They don’t have to work or be functional. Just something to play with. Writing up what I’m doing for an article to submit to so everyone can learn.


Dildos , he’s making dildos


@torqueboards do you guys have dead/bad cans lying around you’re willing to part with?


Do you have a lathe? It might be good to know if applying a lot more epoxy when hardening and using a lathe to take out the extra makes noticeably better cans

I’ll dig out what I have this weekend and box them up & send them out. I bet I can get a bunch in a medium USPS priority box. If it fits it ships, they gonna regret that shit :slight_smile:.


Nah. They clean up pretty well with the right technique.

This one isn’t perfect - still some small bits of epoxy in there. It’s why I need to practice doing this.


Awesome! :smiley:


I have a whole box of motors that didn’t pass my incoming QC. I’m assuming there are 54’s but the are mostly 74’s in there.

Drop me an email and we can arrange

support @ my domain .com


I got a 125kv turnigy motor. I broke the fan and the leads are really short

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That’s a pretty good idea to to a comparison thread. I think I said this before already. We need more pictures which show the actual stator size of different motors as well show the quality and technique of how the motors made.
I have only some bells with broken magnets laying around and they where already used as battle harden practice as well :sweat_smile: so sorry that I cannot support you there.

Hope one day when you have a time and your technique is perfect, you can as well share how you battle harden your motors. It’s the most clean looking thing from what I have seen now.

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I am working on a document for it, but I need to get more/better pictures.

Will probably submit to @longhairedboy for publication when it’s done.


I have sooooo many dead motors in a drawer because there was talk of recycling/scrapping for cash but i never bothered to find out where to take them.


I got a 6374 190kv that has 3 loose magnets I’m tired of re-epoxying.

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Any R2 certified recycler should allow drop off of those. They have copper in them which is pretty valuable. They’ll also take batteries too. My job pays for stuff like that by the pound though.


yeah I want a place locally that pays by the pound for lithium and motor material. I don’t mind breaking things down, either, as long as I can find an easy way to do it.

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Lol, I have a set of Carvon TDs, one motor is cogging and I don’t have the tools or know-how to bother attempting to fix it. If that interests you, hmu.

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This is what a 125kv 5035 turnigy semsored motor looks like