Bowzer's Builds

Started from here in June or so after my trampa got stolen. Worked a deal with @kevingraehl for a kaly 1.5 mix bag

Trampa carver deck
Trampa vertigo 9.525 truck
Kaly belt drive train
Maytech maybe motors
20700 santo pack from a 2.0 fitted to 18650 enclosure

Some time later I fitted te board with AT, 21700 enclosure and a kaly 2020 2.0 deck and added @SeanHacker cable management panel

I had a kid right after or before this then decided to send my deck off to @Sender for some art and do a new drive train replacement. And why not a new battery pack from @MrDrunkenMobster


Then I had a unity accident :shushing_face: but had spare esc from just buying a bunch of stuff from @CiscoV

Here’s what the inside looks like now

How she sits

All in all not a single thing stayed the same from the original board :sweat_smile: So rebuild complete yeah?


Sweet build dude. Looks awesome!


Fuck yeah Bao, looks sick! Was a pleasure working with you, I hope that battery kicks all kinds of ass :muscle:


Been waiting for this build thread! Looking really clean dude.

Where’d you get that slick motor can wrap? I think that’d look really nice with my oil slick trucks :eyes:

Promise to give you credit for the find


VViViD XPO Purple to Blue…

Maybe if I can secure a set of moon drives. That’ll be for haero build. :thinking:

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Next project is swapping the sensor cables with these and filling in the holes for the enclosure for them

Linked by @A13XR3

Buy here @b264

And maybe swapping back to a larger motor then these 230kv 6374

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Let me buy the old shit

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For real though, where can other people find those sensor wire connectors? :open_mouth:

Awesome build btw, I’ll add it to the Ultraboards hall of fame when you figure out a name for it :+1:

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uxcell Pair 6 Pin Male Female Waterproof Connector Cable for LED Light Strips

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Plan B for bowzer

Just gonna plug this build in here. Continue someone else’s project

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Oooooh you not getting a like for this. I feel used.


:joy: blame him for posting that up a few times out of now where haha


Oh you piece of shit you got me too. For fucks sake, I knew what it was and still clicked it


Plan B restore

@Resonant parted out his board with a sweet evo falcon that was senderized

13s5p he built. Had a local friend remove a series. Add in a 12s daly bms. Picked up a Bkb Xenith and wires her up with my existing 3D Servisas gears that were on my carbon gt

Plans are to maybe get the trucks or hubs powder coated/anodized match the aesthetic of the colors :sweat_smile: and maybe reverse mount the gears inward for looks as well. This board will be my light weight funsy board to replace the carbon gt

As seen here


The haero bro
Haero bro deck (stiff)
TB6 esc
Metr pro
Trampa 6376 160kv motors
MBS matrix 2
Trampa bindings
Trampa phat ladz(2 set)
Primo alpha and strikers
ATC v1 mounts
14/62 ratio
Custom enclosures for esc and batteries
1 box 2 zippy 6s 6200mah
1 box 2 turnigy 14AH 6s

Battery box is held with a strap thats integrated into the lid and dual lock. Makes for quick swaps for if you want to carry another box with batteries already in it.

Adding some moon drives is next thing


The # of builds getting pumped out is insane I wish I had those funds :sweat:

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Drugs…I mean prostitution…no honest work :laughing: yeah honest work

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Lmao we all put boards in the road somehow no judgment

On* cant edit yet…

Test ride after adjusting my trucks from the carbon GT to this deck. Feels loose but that might be just from ridig the kaly and haero more the past month then this drivetrain.

Setup for hfi cause I had the crimper and just connectors in the mail. Will be making sensor cables with those water resistant plugs this weekend.

Also adding some neoprene to one of these boards as well.

Haven’t decided on if I want to silicone pack or not.