Boosted mini Deck Recomendations

Hi i really like the deck of the mini. i have never ben able to try it out.
The meepo mini v2 looks like it but its in the far east, China and its 100 USD$.+ import tax.

Any good recomendation on a small kicktail deck thats short so it kan hand down my side when i mallgrab the shit out of it. i’m tired to hawl my 10kg 36" around.
In EU and not too expensive max 100 Euro.

LY dingy are to narrow to my taste minimum 9" wide.
around 30" ish.

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Jet spud / bkb tayto


The tayto deck and enclosure is what I should’ve gotten. Just get this and be done with. Truely, all the holes line up and are pre drilled. Been there dude. It ticks all the boxes.

BKB is in USA
Spud is no

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Sorry saw EU part.

But it does have a kicktail. Also loaded is selling the omakase deck I think .

check Globe decks. good price love the shape as cruiser board


Check out the LY tugboat

I got the Meepo deck with matching enclosure I got 2x vesc 4.12 and some new Meepo hubs to go with. And a 10S2P. Then after all that I’ll mall grab the shit out of it. Mall grab 4 Life.!

The deck I used on the Red One, the Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primitive
Reissue deck is my favorite.

The deck I used on the Blue One, the Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Mike McGill Skull & Snake Reissue deck is my second-favorite.

If you put a handle under the nose you can carry it on end, and if you pop it up with the kicktail you don’t even need to bend over. it’s perfect

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Tnx all!

I don’t need to go 25-35 mph I got my other board to go fast with. I just want something nimble and easy to bring with mee and I can carry it in malls and stuff.
This Meepo looks like it got some concave on it.

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I have tried a wowgo mini and that thing is flaaat. This Meepo have good concave for a mini KT. Picture show god enough. I didn’t found loaded Kut-thaka that thing is gone and people that got em sell it for 200$+

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I know what you mean, my friend has a flat longboard deck that he made years ago and it was always so uncomfortable to have your feet flat out on the board

It was very slippery too

What he needs is some shiny griptape that will rip the souls off your shoes and exfoliate your feet. My 2 year old daughter was singing twinkle twinkle little star to this stuff the other day while looking at it :heart_eyes:


Ooooo i want that


check carver decks there are some nice ones resembling boosted mini decks

Loaded Kut Thaka?

I’ve got one but not ridden it yet. My feet really locks into place.

The kut thaka are imossible to fined for a reasonable price as they were limited edition.

Haha. I love this perception they have cultivated around this deck. I suppose it is limited edition, they were basically mold offcuts :joy:


Yeah I know they were cut from the leftovers of the kanthaka but there were only a limited amount of leftovers making them “limited edition” and hard to fined.

Is it now I should say I got mine for $35 that is basically new?